QuickClean: Fast anti-limescale function

Rub off residues easily!

Calciferous water, dirt, cleaning agents: mixers and showers need to withstand quite a bit. With QuickClean technology from Hansgrohe, you can remove limescale residues instantly. Since Hansgrohe has fitted its mixer aerators and shower jets with flexible silicone naps, limescale deposits can be rubbed off easily. Another plus: products that are limescale-free and well-maintained remain attractive and in good working order for longer.

QuickClean – a clean solution:

  • Quick cleaning because of elastic silicone naps
  • Light rubbing instead of vigorous cleaning and scrubbing
  • Uniform water flow in the mixers
  • Better shower spray when showering
  • Long product life and functionality                            
Hansgrohe Quick Clean logo
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