Woman smiling under a plate overhead shower

XXL Performance: a truly lavish showering experience

Shower in style

Would you love to enjoy a truly lavish shower? Hansgrohe offers overhead showers featuring impressive spray discs - up to 600 mm in diameter. These rain showers offer you a lavish showering experience, and they are big on convenience too.

Our trendsetters:

Raindance Select overhead showers

These set aesthetic highlights in modern bathrooms with their  clear-cut design and space-creating character. They envelop you in a dreamy haze of water and they are great for the environment too: in the Ecosmart versions, they consume only 9 litres per minute. Because at Hansgrohe, pure enjoyment and eco-friendly water efficiency are not mutually exclusive.

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Overhead showers for XXL enjoyment


Enjoy having a spa in your own home – with a variety of shower and jet types – easy to install

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