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A thousand tips and pieces of background information

There's so much we still needed to ask about our bathroom: How do you manage to make so much from so little water? How would you prefer to be cared for, dear bath tub? Which piece of ceramic would you be able to fall in love with, my dear mixer? And all these technical terms ... Now we're asking. Fortunately Hansgrohe has an answer to almost everything.

Thanks to the silicon naps, Hansgrohe showers are easy to rid of lime-scale by rubbing.
For lasting pleasure with Hansgrohe bathroom products: Our maintenance tips and cleaning agent recommendations ensure that your favourite bathroom products will retain their sheen for a longer duration.
Hansgrohe's tips for saving water: It is becoming increasingly important to conserve this precious resource – every drop counts

Water is precious. Even small changes to our habits can help to reduce the amount of valuable resources used everyday.

Hansgrohe products improve life in many areas. This is evidenced by quality seals ranging from personal comfort to safety, through to environmental protection.

Training manager explains Hansgrohe products

Two handle mixers, concealed installation, stop cock etc.: On our website you will also come across some technical terms. We explain the most important of these in a glossary.

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