Raindance Select showers

Select your Shower Pleasure – select jet types intuitively

Select the jet type you want with one simple click, and get more enjoyment out of showering: that's the philosophy behind the Raindance Select showers from Hansgrohe. These savvy new all-round multi-talents featuring a little button are the perfect choice for those who appreciate a pleasurable, comfortable shower experience and a timelessly modern bathroom design.

Top shower innovations: Select button on the overhead and hand shower

  • NEW: Raindance Select overhead shower E 300 with two jet types.
    The first Hansgrohe overhead shower with jet adjustment at the touch of a button. Either soft, aerated water droplets or powerful, invigorating jets. You decide, with just one click of a button.
  • NEW: Raindance Select hand shower E 120 with three jet types.  
    Soft, enveloping water droplets (RainAir), a refreshing jet of water (Rain) or a powerful massage (Whirl): thanks to Select, you can have the water experience you have been dreaming of. And all at the touch of a button.

Buttons are the latest development in the world of design

Hansgrohe is one of the first in the industry to bring the button into play in the world of the bathroom. This operating philosophy is based on simplicity – simplified everyday routines. Where you once had to turn something, now you just need to click. In the same way, in telecommunications, the rotary dials have become buttons. In most places rotary light switches have been replaced by pull-down and toggle switches. In the automotive sector, turning the ignition key is becoming a thing of the past and engines are now being started/stopped at the touch of a button.

In addition to the innovative jet adjustment via the Select button, the new Hansgrohe showers are designed with harmoniously rounded and flowing shapes. The showers come in two finishes: chrome or white/chrome. They can be successfully combined with the existing Hansgrohe product range. The new Raindance Select range is designed by Phoenix Design – one of the world's leading design offices.

Man enjoys a shower with the Raindance Select Showerpipe E 300 – and switches the jet types of the hand shower at the touch of a button.

A beautifully designed overhead shower, hand shower and thermostat all in one: when you opt for a Raindance Select Showerpipe, you are choosing to live life to the fullest in terms of comfort, design and pleasure.

Little button – big impact: Hansgrohe has integrated its ingeniously simple button function into an overhead shower for the very first time. And you now have a choice of two different jet types.

Man and woman embracing, with two Raindance Select hand showers

The water from our new hand showers will caress you, rinse out your shampoo effectively, or massage you. Choose between three different jet types: RainAir, Rain or Whirl.

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