Woman, overhead shower

Shower with pleasure

Rediscover water pleasure in your shower with the AXOR and hansgrohe brands

Shower is not just a daily chore but an intimate dialogue for individuals. Whether at the start of the day or end of the day, the time spent in the shower is meant to be an enjoyment and you could easily do so with AXOR and hansgrohe shower products below. 

Be inspired. Stay inspired. Experience pure enjoyment in your shower. 

Axor LampShower by Nendo

Shower is pure pleasure when you have good design. Design is more than simply beautiful appearance. It is a combination of appearance, function, material, operation and experience. Axor and Hansgrohe leave nothing to chance.

Woman, shower heads, Select button
Shower is convenient with Select - your water pleasure at the push of a button. Check out Hansgrohe's “Select” operating concept. This constitutes uncomplicated variety and convenient control in the shower.
Woman, hand shower, RainAir
Shower based on your preference. Experience the difference between Rain, RainAir or Whirl jet – three jet types in one shower. Find out what type of showerer you are.
Man, ShowerSelect shower system

Shower and hose: used every day. What makes a premium product? Why lots of consumers don't ever want to get wet any other way.

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