Top-quality rain shower plus lots of greenery.

Lavish – harmonious

The rain shower forms a space-structuring element

Do you find a warm rain shower captivating, and do you dream of enjoying the sensuous experience of summer rain at the touch of a button? It's not surprising if you do, since this kind of showering experience would make us think we were on holiday in the tropics every day. Perhaps you are already familiar with the luxury of enjoying lots of space to move around in an XXL shower in a spa or wellness retreat?

In your dream bathroom, the rain shower blends in harmoniously with an ambience that is characterised by a feeling of naturalness and transparency. An uncluttered, flowing architecture creates a sense of visual spaciousness and comfort. Your own private tropical rain shower can be implemented in the form of a ceiling installation or wall mounting. Moreover, plants and references to nature create a feel-good space, which adds the perfect finishing touch to a cosy seating area.

A bathroom like this can be achieved using the hansgrohe Rainmaker Select, for example. Even at first glance, the overhead shower is really impressive thanks to its minimalist, linear design, making it the room's defining feature. For bathroom renovation, the Rainmaker Select Showerpipe offers added convenience: the solution with the ShowerTablet Select 700 thermostatic shower mixer can be conveniently installed onto existing connections. The glamorous aesthetics of the Rainmaker Select blend seamlessly into the ambience: high-quality glass and chrome surface finishes emphasise the bathroom's natural character and make visual reference to the surrounding elements such as glass, ceramics or mirrors.


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