New Croma Select by hansgrohe

Croma Select Showers

Easy switch to feel good mode wih Croma 

"Croma" is an absolute classic in the new Croma products . The latest Croma generation is available with Select technology from hansgrohe. This means: the choice of jet is yours. Control the water as your mood takes you with the switch from the handshower, overhead shower, or showerpipe (combination of both showers). Wake up in the morning, relax in the evening, freshen up in between? Just switch jets with the ergonomic, perfectly positioned Select button and enjoy. The whole family will love it.

Croma Select is a joy to use for both young and old

  • Croma Select hand showers are available in three models:
    1. Croma Select Multi with three types of jet, 
    2. Croma Select Vario with three types of jet, and
    3. Croma Select 1 jet with one jet type (With wall bar).

  • The Croma Select overhead shower 180 Vario provides showering pleasure from above. You can choose between two types of rain jet - intensive or balanced. 

  • Let the Croma Select Showerpipe pamper you with the first two types. Water and temperature are controlled by the high-quality Ecostat Comfort thermostat. The swivelling overhead shower arm allows you freedom of movement.

Croma Select S and E designs are impressive

  • The shower not only feels great, but looks great. Hansgrohe offers its newcomers in two designs. Choose between: 
    - minimalist head (S), or 
    - head with harmoniously rounded corners (E). 

  • Attractive interplay of colors on the handshowters: The white / chrome surface creates a visual accent - and coordinates beautifully with the wash basin, shower and bath tub. The shower handles are ergonomically designed for convenient switching between jets with one hand. 

  • New design for the overhead showers: The large spray disc (Ø 180 mm) provides showering fun with XXL performance. Available in two different finishes: 
    - shiny chrome with pure white, or 
    - fully chrome-plated.

Enjoy the variety of jet types Croma Select has to offer.


Concentrated? Intensive? Soft? Choose your own unique showering experience

  • Croma Select Handshower with
  •  Croma Select Handshower with Intense Rain
  •  Croma Select Handshower with massage.
  •  Croma Select Handshower with Rain.
  • Croma Select Handshower with IntenseRain
  • Croma Select Handshower with TurboRain
  • Croma Select Handshower with Rain
  • Croma Select Overhead shower with Rain
  • Crome Select Overhead shower with IntenseRain

Croma Select impresses with its water-saving, innovative technologies

The EcoSmart version provides enjoyable environmentally-friendly showers with Croma Select. The system is used to control the flow of water. For example, Croma Select 1jet only consumes 7 l / min. What's more, none of the Croma Select showers are difficult to clean, in fact, limescale residues can simply be rubbed off the QuickClean silicone naps.