Sink combi unit with draining board.

Kitchen sink combination

A perfect team with regard to function and design

Enjoy using water with the help of two kitchen assistants: our sink combi units consist of a perfectly coordinated kitchen mixer and a sink, a product duo that is guaranteed to meet your requirements. Choose a set to suit your preferences from the variety of installation and combination options available. The interplay between the control unit and the sink makes a lot of processes easier. Not to mention the fact that this complete solution creates one single functional and seamless unit in the very heart of the kitchen.

Sink combi unit

Sink combi units

From a variety of sink sizes, choose the perfect solution for your dream kitchen – surface-mounted or integrated flush. Each mixer has two available variants, which combine perfectly with the sink. 

Sink combi units ( of )


An innovative watering place

Turn the water on and off, control the water temperature and volume, and the plughole too: don't you just love it when everything is going smoothly? These innovative sink combi units separate the spout from the control unit on the front rim of the sink. This makes it easier to use, and not only when you have your hands full. Choose an ergonomic handle, which controls the water temperature and volume, or opt for the Select button, for turning the water on and off at the touch of a button. Turn the Select button to open and close the drain.

Greater convenience thanks to innovative accessories

hansgrohe sink combi units offer you even more benefits: thanks to the hose box integrated in the floor unit, the pull-out hose can be extended even further, by up to 50 cm – giving you an even greater operating radius at the sink. The sBox also ensures that the hose is routed smoothly, securely and quietly. This protects the hose from getting jammed up or damaged when pulled out.

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