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The latest products from the AXOR brand

Check out highlights for luxurious showers and an ultra-purist bathroom collection. With new showers and mixers for wash basins, bath tubs and showers, AXOR offers new options to help you achieve your dream bathroom.

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AXOR ShowerHeaven overhead shower.
Avantgarde design combined with innovative technologies. Turn the shower into a place where you can be captivated by water. The new AXOR shower products and mixers are an absolute must in the shower. Luxurious: AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200. Featuring a new jet type. Or the AXOR overhead shower 350. Unique in every dimension.
AXOR Uno basin mixer.

With its pipework style, the AXOR Uno bathroom collection embodies purism perfectly: radically functional and ultra-minimalist in design: the cylindrical, geometric elements are right-angled or gently curved. AXOR Uno includes products for wash basins, showers and bath tubs. 

AXOR Montreux mixers

The AXOR Montreux collection follows the tradition of the period around the turn of the century. The era of radical change and progress at the beginning of the 20th century. In their design, the showers and mixers are reminiscent of the first industrially manufactured fittings. Check out new variants in the authentic, classic bathroom collection that offers modern user convenience. 

Axor One shower control
The design of the AXOR One thermostat module is very much in line with the objective of achieving simplicity: flat, gently rounded and generously proportioned, it makes a bold statement in the shower and is simple and intuitive to operate.
Ambience with Axor Citterio E.
A timeless collection, which is a blend of the familiar and the new. With its impeccable design, AXOR Citterio E combines premium quality with refined elegance. Products for all areas of the bathroom can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of style ambiences.
Axor Universal bathroom accessories.
Add the ultimate personal touch to your bathroom with the AXOR Universal accessories range: the elegant, timeless elements can be used in versatile ways and, thanks to their universal design, they can be integrated into a range of different style worlds.
Axor Starck V mixer featuring a water vortex.

Have you ever wondered what water looks like in the mixer? Have you imagined the power with which it swirls upwards? The transparent AXOR Starck V glass mixer allows you to see and experience the water vortex phenomenon in a truly unique way.

New Axor products for bathroom and kitchen

Check out the latest AXOR products for bathrooms and kitchens exclusively in our web special.

Axor Citterio Select kitchen mixer in operation.

The new kitchen mixers from AXOR add a touch of elegance and high-tech design to the sink unit. The slimline mixer features a convenient function: the water can easily be turned on and off, at the simple touch of a button.

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