Quality seals and product labels for a better living environment

Certifications for environmentally friendly technologies and a high degree of comfort

To enjoy more comfort whilst keeping environmental and climate protection in mind – more and more clients are pursuing these goals. With Hansgrohe you are making the right choice: our products are sparing in their use of valuable resources such as water and energy, they support "green" building and improve quality of life in many areas. This is also evidenced by the quality seals assigned in this country.

Hansgrohe Test Center inspection badge

Are you always getting your sleeves or trousers wet when you wash your hands? With Hansgrohe, you won't! Hansgrohe has tested more than 9,000 mixer/wash basin combinations, making annoying splashing a thing of the past.

Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS)

Started in 2009, the Mandatory WELS is a grading system of 0/1/2/3 ticks to reflect the water efficiency level of a product. Currently, taps and mixers, dual-flush low capacity flushing cisterns (LCFCs), urinal flush valves and waterless urinals are labelled under this Scheme. The more ticks a product has, the more water-efficient it is. With this scheme, consumers can make informed choices when making purchases.

Showerheads continue to remain under the Voluntary WELS. This is a follow-up scheme from Voluntary WELS which was introduced in 2006.

For more information on WELS, please click here.

PUB Singapore National Water Agency, 2011. Available at: http://www.pub.gov.sg

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