Swivelling kitchen tap in traditional design.
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hansgrohe Talis M53

Design classic with smart features

Design fans can add a touch of traditional style and functionality to their kitchens with the swivelling kitchen taps from the Talis M53 range. Gentle curves and decorative transitional elements create a striking eye-catcher. But these taps are not just aesthetically pleasing, they also have practical features.

Convenience when working thanks to the swivel area and hand spray

All Talis M53 taps can be swivelled up to 150 degrees to make your work effortless. In addition, you can choose your individual ComfortZone from three spout heights: available in 210, 240 or 280 mm. Two jet types and a hand spray mean the two smaller models of the 280 version can also hold their own. If required, the showers can be extended to 76 cm. This extends your range of action noticeably. The sBox installed concealed in the base unit ensures it works smoothly. A quiet, smooth-running and protected hose guide makes the sink even more convenient. And with the practical MagFit magnetic bracket, the shower disappears back into the centre of the tap spout after use almost noiselessly.

Maximum efficiency and enjoyment – less water consumption and cleaning effort

The AirPower technology integrated in the kitchen taps automatically enriches water with air , making the droplets softer, lighter and plumper. That not only feels wonderful, but also ensures more efficient use of water. Talking of efficiency: The QuickClean technology facilitates cleaning significantly: The silicone nozzles allow any limescale deposits to be simply removed by rubbing off with your finger. This ensures that the water jet flows smoothly, while your Talis M53 kitchen tap remains reliably functional and looking good long-term.

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