Basin tap Talis in a low pressure version.
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Modern and functional kitchen products by hansgrohe

Talis kitchen taps

Are you looking for an excellent kitchen assistant that incorporates modern design and lots of functional features at your sink unit? hansgrohe's Talis sink unit tap range is ideal for any kitchen setting and is available in a range of variants: from the basic model to the tap with high swivel spout and hand spray.

Talis Select S – intuitive operation at the touch of a button

On this modern sink unit tap, you can turn the water on and off in a matter of seconds via the Select push button. The water volume and temperature, which are set on the handle initially, remain constant. hansgrohe's Select technology provides the ultimate in convenience. You can press the button, which is integrated seamlessly into the slender Talis spout, in a matter of seconds using the back or palm of your hand or even your forearm.

Seamless form and functionality

Talis taps are high-quality in terms of their form and function. Their basic conical shape makes them look elegant. With their precise transitions, the large surface areas are also easy to clean. When you rub the QuickClean silicone inserts in the tap spout using your finger, even limescale doesn't stand a chance. Your kitchen tap will instantly shine like new.

More space around the sink

Choose a hand spray or pull-out spout with two jet types – for added convenience and ergonomic benefits at the sink unit. The flexible tap extensions send the water exactly where you want it to go. If you opt for a Talis model with hand spray, this increases your operating radius at the sink by up to 50 cm. The long spray head provides you with two jet types, which you can change at will. The normal spray can fill up even large pots or bowls quickly. The ample-sized shower spray is brilliant for cleaning and rinsing. The MagFit magnetic bracket fixes the hand spray back in the centre of the tap spout after use.

Talis S² Variarc – zestful elegance in the kitchen

The Talis S² Variarc model has an elegant, dynamic spout and is fitted with a simple pin handle. The handle position is vertical – so this tap is the perfect choice if you don’t have a lot of space in front of the wall. In general, Talis S² Variarc offers you maximum flexibility: the sink unit tap has an integrated tilt function and can therefore be installed in front of windows. Products in this range are also available for open-vented water heaters, and with an appliance shut-off valve. 

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