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hansgrohe Kitchen Promotion

hansgrohe kitchen promotion flyer on SilicaTec and kitchen mixers
hansgrohe kitchen promotion flyer on SilicaTec and kitchen mixers

SilicaTec is your natural choice for a modern kitchen 

Granite sinks made of SilicaTec, brings a natural hint of colour into the kitchen. Available in Graphite Black or Stone Grey, either colour option blends harmoniously into your kitchen design for a modern look and feel. In addition to colours, explore the following design considerations and find the perfect solution to your dream bathroom. 

Built-in or undermount installation

We offer two installation options for SilicaTec sinks: built-in and undermount.

Built-in installation is the most frequently-used option. The sink is inserted from above into a hole cut in the countertop – a straightforward cut-out is all it requires. This shows the flush 1.2mm rim at its very best, and is ideal for wood or laminate countertops.

For undermount installation, the sink is lowered into the countertop, making the kitchen look more spacious. The sink is attached to the countertop from below. This requires an opening of the same size as the sink which is then glued and screwed to the countertop.

This installation option is suitable for countertops made of materials that are not sensitive to water – natural stone, concrete or quartz. With undermount installation, the kitchen mixers need to be installed onto the countertop or onto the wall. 

Single bowl 450 or 660

A single bowl sink is deal for a compact kitchen. If you would like to expand the usable sink space, consider one with drainer – Built-in sink 450 with drainer in Graphite Black. Enjoy the maximum saving of over SGD 400 for this sink under this promotion for the sale price of SGD 1,019 (U.P.: $1,453.06). 

More options for single bowl sinks below.

Double bowl sinks

A double bowl sink allows you to carry out different jobs in parallel. The overflow, cleverly integrated into the side of the sink, is hidden from view, along with a choice of manual drain kit included for this promotion. You may also consider to upgrade and change to an automatic drain kit.  

If you are a fan of beautiful symmetry, check out the equal sized double bowl sink Undermount sink 370/370 in Graphite Black, now available at the sale price of SGD 839 (U.P. SGD 1,201.61). This size is also available in Stone Grey at the same sale price SGD 839 (U.P. SGD 1,201.61). 

Alternatively, you may also wish to consider the popular size Built-in sink 305/435 in Graphite Black at the sale price of SGD 759 (U.P. SGD 1,082.84). The undermount option is also available for this size 305/435 in both Graphite Black and Stone Grey at the same sale price of SGD 759 (U.P. SGD 1,082.84). 

Refer to the available options for double bowl sinks below.

Beyond its beautiful aesthetic 

There are more to the SilicaTec sinks than just being beautiful sinks with various design and installation options. SilicaTec sinks offer many advantages.

Round-edged quartz for durable sinks
The main component for SilicaTec sinks is fine quartz sand, which is the hardest component of granite. Only quartz particles with rounded edges are used for the production of SilicaTec sinks. The result? A strong surface which gives the sinks high resistance against impact, cracks and scratches as well as heat, making it extremely durable.

Smooth and pore-free surfaces that are easy to clean
The round-edged quartz particles also ensure that the SilicaTec sinks have smooth and non-porous surfaces. These high quality surfaces create the lotus effect which allows water to drain off residue-free. It prevents water and dirt from penetrating or sticking and keep away food stains, as well as discoloration, which makes it easy to clean and maintain for a long time. SilicaTec sinks also repels UV radiation so its colour tones don’t fade but stay true over time.

Food-safe for a more hygiene kitchen
The smooth and pore-free surfaces also prevent bacteria penetrating and this means: odour-free! This makes the sinks safe to use for food, for a more hygiene kitchen environment.

Perfect Match with hansgrohe Kitchen Mixers

Complete your kitchen design with both SilicaTec sink and a hansgrohe kitchen mixer. Choose from our wide range of hansgrohe kitchen mixers. They are your best kitchen assistants with innovative technologies such as the user-friendly Select button as well as the pull-out function using sBox to cleverly extend the working radius around the sinks. Enjoy all hansgrohe kitchen mixers at 25% off under this promotion. 

Promotion is available at:

Hansgrohe Pte Ltd
69 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 239015
Tel: 6884 5060

Bretz & Co Pte Ltd
1 Nassim Road Singapore 258459
Tel: 6336 9926

Chuan Heng Hardware Trading Pte Ltd
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Tel: 6294 2397

Home & Bathroom Building Products Pte Ltd
566 Balestier Road Singapore 329883
Tel: 6253 4655

Lucky Khoon Bathroom Studio Pte Ltd
1 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #01-01/02/03/04 Enterprise One Singapore 415934
T: 6346 2172

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