Add individual accents

Bathroom accessories – for a more pleasant ambience

Turn your bathroom into your personal feel-good space, using appealing bathroom accessories and your favourite items. Personal decorative elements create a unique ambience that is tailored to your taste. The possibilities are endless: travel souvenirs, designer stools or items found outdoors.

Stylish bathroom accessories for a cosy atmosphere.
Bathroom accessories create a homely atmosphere around the bath tub.

Create a unique ambience with decorative bathroom accessories

Decorative elements with a personal touch, discovered in antique markets or on travels, really make their mark on any bathroom. Not only do these collectibles bestow a touch of history, they also tell a tale of personal preferences, journeys and an enjoyment of culture from all over the world. The current trend is for decorative objects with an ethnic or folklore feel to them, and often vintage items discovered with patina: these little things contrast with the flawless design of the bathroom mixers and showers, making them the centre of attention.

Need a bit of the exotic?

Demonstrate boldness by adding powerful decorative accents in selected spots. These could be bright colours that are reminiscent of an exotic bazaar, bold trend patterns, natural materials or ethnic-style objects. Small items of furniture made of untreated wood are also striking atmospheric features. If you prefer a more understated style, make your bathroom design look beautifully coherent by using colour-coordinated towels. Or take advantage of the rediscovery of traditional tile patterns.

Decorative ideas with hansgrohe

You can also use bathroom accessories from hansgrohe to add charming accents. The shelves, dishes and hooks, which are as elegant as they are practical, accentuate personal style in the bathroom.

Add character to your bathroom

Use your favourite items to transform your bathroom into a personalised space which you love to spend time in.

Bathroom accessories: Holiday souvenirs.
Little things - major impact

Decorative accessories embellish the entire bathroom

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