Raindance Select S with PowderRain

Gentle, soothing and quiet: the new shower experience

Inspired by the warm and misty droplets of the tropical rain forest, hansgrohe PowderRain revolutionises your daily shower experience. The new shower jet transforms the usual spray into thousands of microfine droplets to embrace your skin, like a cocoon of water. Watch this space for user experience on PowderRain showers. If you are an existing user, we welcome you to share your feedback with us here


hansgrohe PowderRain provides a quiet spray mode which is perfect for a relaxing shower.
The new PowderRain jet from hansgrohe produces microfine droplets that envelop your body in a cocoon of water for your perfect shower experience.

Showers made different by hansgrohe PowderRain

What makes hansgrohe PowderRain different from any usual showers you have ever had? With PowderRain, the usual jet outlet is divided into six fine openings to transform water into a cocoon of spray with thousands of microfine droplets for the most relaxing shower experience possible. The result? A private spa-like shower experience in your own home every single day. 

Showers as quiet as a whisper = amazing "cocooning"

The cocoon of water was developed with your enjoyable retreat in mind, so that you can feel flattered and secure as your shower becomes your own private wellness delight. The delicate spray ensures a super-pleasant water sensation all over your skin. Thousands of microdroplets provide sensuous showering pleasure as if you were standing in a gossamer sheet of summer rain. The water comes out of the sprays extra quietly.

With PowderRain, hansgrohe Sound Lab have succeeded in significantly reducing shower noise to whisper-quiet levels, so you can completely switch off during your everyday showering routine. Hear the difference here.

Gentle showers with microdroplets, maximum effect and minimum splashes

PowderRain is gentle AND effective.  As the water sprays are transformed to microfine droplets by the new PowderRain jet, the microfine droplets wrap around your skin and less bounce off from your body so that you can enjoy maximum water indulgence with minimum splashes. This helps you to rinse out shower gel and shampoo thoroughly with considerably less water.

On top of that, the new spray mode is especially low on splashes, which means fewer limescale spots and less cleaning for you. And that’s gratifying in every bathroom, particularly in the open showers that are so trendy right now. See the splash test here.

Big interest in a fresh boost to your shower, but a small bathroom?

Craving PowderRain but have a mini bathroom? Good news: It doesn’t take a lot of space to give yourself this whole new shower experience. Coming soon in Singapore: Pulsify showers make the most of the space in your shower.

New Pulsify shower family means PowderRain for all

Pulsify showers transform water into a silky coat of countless micro-droplets, in PowderRain spray modes of varying intensity, so you can feel highly refreshed one time and deeply relaxed another. Whatever you like, at any time of day and in any mood. 

Pulsify’s spatial miracles fit in any shower space

Want to take your comfort and water experience up a notch? Get a Pulsify shower pipe installed – a fully energizing pleasure with overhead and hand shower.
*In December 2018, 1,500 end customers tested the hansgrohe PowderRain at trnd, a community for participatory marketing in Europe.
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