Woman is impressed by Pulsify overhead shower with PowderRain.


Square or round? The choice is yours! With Pulsify E and Pulsify S, you can be the one to shape the look of your bathroom – and enjoy the PowderRain showering experience exactly how you like it. The modern yet timeless design turns Pulsify into a genuine style icon in your bathroom. Experience the Pulsify effect for your own personal wellness indulgence. View Products

Now available in two impressive designs – E and S

Pulsify overhead showers in square E and round S design.
Whether in the square E or round S design: you choose the shape in which Pulsify pampers you. In any case, you get a high-quality hansgrohe shower that makes your bathroom stand out.

Pulsify gets pulses racing and offers sustainable pampering

Do you want to feel invigorated or relaxed with a gentle or intense shower? You can look forward to PowderRain, your everyday wellness highlight. Thousands of fine micro-droplets create an amazing feel-good sensation. Pulsify showers remain sustainable while they pamper – and it’s all thanks to EcoSmart technology.

Pulsify E: indulgent showering in its purest form

Pulsify shower: Man enjoys hansgrohe PowderRain.
With Pulsify E shower heads, showering becomes a daily highlight as the ultra-fine droplets from the PowderRain spray type ensure a feel-good sensation. 

Discover Pulsify E: The showers in this hansgrohe range offer the full PowderRain comfort in a minimalist, linear look to highlight their unique style. The iconic cubic design highlights Pulsify E’s character and turns the showers into eye-catching elements. Have your shower design precisely the way you want it.

The clear use of forms shapes the entire range down to the tiniest detail. The FinishPlus surfaces in Chrome, Matt Black, Matt White, and Brushed Bronze add unique accents. The large range of Pulsify E products expresses everything in one consistent design language: from overhead and hand showers to wall rods and shower arms right through to the entire Showerpipe. You can create personalised design with this large range of perfectly matching products.

Pulsify S: a hugely indulgent shower for all bathroom sizes

Pulsify overhead shower pampers with gentle PowderRain.
Spa sensations for the body and soul: PowderRain transforms water into a delicate cloak of countless micro-droplets. This hansgrohe spray type also causes an unusually small amount of splash.

No matter whether your bathroom is huge, tiny, narrow or wide, Pulsify S guarantees unforgettable feel-good moments. The large range of individual products offers you a consistently circular design language that works with all bathroom styles. Take advantage of the large variety of products to complete your bathroom’s look.

The round showers of the Pulsify S range are genuine head-turners. With overhead and hand showers, a cylindrical shower rail, and a complete Showerpipe system, they offer consistent solutions for the entire shower area. All you have to do is choose between various FinishPlus surfaces: Chrome, Matt Black, Matt White, and Brushed Bronze.

A more satisfying shower thanks to additional storage space

With Pulsify S, you can use the shelf on the thermostatic mixer as a place to put your toiletries. The WallStoris flexible storage system in the matching design is also here to help. 

Pulsify hand shower gets top marks from Stiftung Warentest.
Test winner: Pulsify Select S, article no. 24111000

Pulsify with PowderRain: Good for you. Good for the environment.

Every Pulsify shower helps you to use water responsibly thanks to EcoSmart technology. Compared to standard hansgrohe showers, which consume an average of 15 litres per minute, our EcoSmart versions reduce water usage by up to 40% (8 litres per minute), while our EcoSmart+ designs cut it by up to 60% (6 litres per minute). All with the same old comfort.

An overwhelming majority of testers found that Pulsify with PowderRain made them feel good in the shower. 9 out of 10 customers agree: an amazingly indulgent shower with a 40% reduction in water. (Source: trnd customer survey with 150 testers, July 2022. Water saving compared to the hansgrohe average.)

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A perfect match for Pulsify’s style

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