Metris M71 for much easier kitchen chores.

Metris M71

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hansgrohe Metris M71

Design your dream kitchen with ergonomics and aesthetics

The Metris M71 embodies intelligent multi-functionality, convenience and design. Make kitchen chores much easier for yourself by choosing between various spout heights and features. This allows you to create your own operating radius and enjoy more flexibility at the sink.

The comfort and convenience of flowing workflows

Have everything in hand with the Metris M71 2Spray Select: In addition to the ability to use water, the kitchen tap allows you to switch between jets on the hand spray itself for smoother workflows: Start by lifting the lever handle, then switch the jet type using the diverter button on the hand spray. Stop the water flow by pressing the Select push button on top of the tap. Another click with the same hand will restart the tap. You can accurately control water and make efficient use of resources with 2Spray Select.

The Metris M71 tap range features an impressively broad choice: Choose between the pull-out spout or hand spray with up to 76 cm range, plus four spout heights from 240 to 320 mm. The taps can be swivelled through 360 degrees. What’s more, you can enjoy user-friendly operation at the touch of a button with the Metris M71 model featuring the Select push button on the spout: Stop the water intuitively with the back of the hand or arm in one motion while the tap is still open at the handle lever. 

Metris M71 Select 2-hole tap: always within reach

With the Metris M71 Select 2-hole model, the tap control is within immediate reach on the front rim of the sink. There is a choice of two highly functional operating options with attractive designs here:

You can stop and start water at the touch of a button with the model featuring the Select push button on the front rim of the sink. Operation is intuitive and the design is ergonomic for a smooth workflow: When you don’t have any hands free, you can start and stop the water flow almost in passing by touching the button with your lower arm. The water temperature and volume remain constant and keep to the lever handle’s settings. One touch of the diverter button on the spout switches from the normal to the shower spray. The sink’s drain can also be opened and closed by turning the Select push button.

The model with a separate rocker lever shifts the start and stop button plus the water volume and temperature controls to the front rim of the sink. Tilting the lever switches the water on and off and regulates the required water volume. Turning it adjusts the temperature. The water flow can also be quickly stopped and restarted in one touch using the Select push button on the spout: practical if you have dirty hands.

In both models, the taps have a swivel area of up to 150 degrees. The pull-out hand shower with sBox, which is included in the scope of delivery when purchasing these Metris taps, creates additional room to move: You do not lose any height and can enjoy a working radius of up to 76 cm. After use, the pull-out hand shower glides harmoniously into the MagFit magnetic bracket in the tap’s spout, while the hose is securely stored in the sBox. Choose between four spout heights from 240 to 320 mm.

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