hansgrohe Focus M41 series: modern single lever kitchen taps.

Focus M41

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hansgrohe Focus M41

The ultimate convenience for price-conscious people

Slim and minimalist, the modern single lever taps in the Focus M41 range tower above the sink. They are full of practical features, can be swivelled, and pulled out up to 76 cm. Even the models with a tall spout and long handle will be a good fit for your kitchen routine. But that’s not all: The hand spray’s extra shower spray jet type on the Focus M41 can free your ingredients of dirt in no time at all. This all-round talent is excellent value for money and has to be seen to be believed.

More room to move = a more impressive product

The high swivel spout alone creates precious space between the spout and sink: Even large pots and tall vases can be filled easily with a ComfortZone of up to 280 mm. With swivel areas from 110 to 150 and up to 360 degrees, you can route the water to where it is needed at any time.

Extra convenience with the hand spray

The built-in hand spray in the two-jet model provides even more range. For a high degree of flexibility, the hose can be pulled out up to 76 cm so that you can reach beyond the worktop. This is great if you need to, say, fill heavy pots or plant pots without having to move them. Nicer feeling: The shower hose is stored in the sBox, which is installed in the base unit. You feel it immediately: The sBox makes the shower really easy to pull out. And it slides just as elegantly back in after use. A magnetic coupling ensures that the hand spray returns to a sturdy and central position in the tap spout (MagFit magnetic bracket).

Practical: your choice of two jet types

Select one of two jet types at the touch of a button with the Focus M41: The crystal-clear laminar spray fills containers accurately and quickly, while the shower spray is ideal for prep work and cleaning. The diverter button on the spout allows you to select the suitable jet in no time at all.

Modern design to suit any setting

The Focus M41 blends in harmoniously with modern kitchens and linear design – even if you opt for the wall mounting variant. In addition to the classic chrome version, the range is also available in a warm, glossy stainless steel optic surface finish. The flat handle is ready for action and feels great in your hand. A practical feature: The handle can be positioned on the left or right depending on your preference. The vertical design of many of the models lends itself to use close to the wall, where space is confined.

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