hansgrohe overhead shower with XL rain shower.
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RainSelect thermostatic mixers

Control your showers intuitively, so they are a joy to use

The impressive central control unit with buttons for your overhead shower. RainSelect, with its slim silhouette of metal and glass, is built into the wall.

Discover hansgrohe RainSelct.
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hansgrohe overhead showers: From small shower head to XXL Performance

Small bathroom or large luxury bathroom: hansgrohe has the perfect overhead shower for all rooms. We can provide you with the Crometta for shower cabins in student apartments or the space-creating Rainmaker Select XXL rain shower. All models feature outstanding design, combined with a wide range of functions.

Design for discerning tastes

When it comes to hansgrohe overhead showers, you have a choice of round, distinctively angular, smoothly rounded or square shapes. They come in chrome or also in an attractive white/chrome colour combination. For the classically elegant look, we offer an additional variant with subtle gold accents: Raindance Classic. Overhead showers in the Rainmaker Select range are a design highlight. Their spray disc is made of safety glass, either in modern white or elegant black.

What options do you have for the installation?

Depending on the type of overhead shower, you have three different options: It is either installed on the wall with a shower arm or high above with a ceiling connector. For architectural character, we can offer you spray discs that are installed flush with the ceiling. With this last variant, shower and ceiling merge to form one seamless unit. As a guideline, we recommend that you position the shower head approximately 20 cm above the head height of the tallest person in the household.

One jet type? Or would you prefer more?

hansgrohe has overhead showers with one, two or three different jet types. For example, you can opt for Rain for an invigorating burst of freshness, RainAir for relaxing shower rain or RainFlow, which is an all-over gush spray like a fabulous waterfall. So you can enjoy water however you want depending on your mood: as part of your body care routine or just to relax. The overhead shower models Raindance Select and Croma Select feature intuitive operating technology for switching between the jet types: simply press a button (Select), which is built into the centre of the spray disc, to select the different jets. Alternatively, select the jet type via a hansgrohe thermostatic mixer.

Enjoy innovative hansgrohe technologies while you are showering

Innovative hansgrohe technologies make your showers more comfortable and enjoyable, reduce your water consumption and save you money. Decide which technologies are important to you:
hansgrohe overhead showers with AirPower suck in an ample amount of air. So you can enjoy plump, soft droplets and consume less water at the same time.
Ingeniously water-saving: hansgrohe overhead showers with EcoSmart technology. This reduces water consumption by up to 60% compared with conventional products. This conserves resources and reduces costs. 
Overhead showers with XXL Performance feature a spray disc that is up to 600 mm in diameter. So you can enjoy lavish showers. Evenly spaced-out spray nozzles guarantee that water is used efficiently.
On shower heads with QuickClean technology, flexible silicone nozzles enable you to remove limescale deposits easily using your fingers.
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