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hansgrohe ComfortZone

More space at the wash basin

hansgrohe makes taps in a variety of heights. So you are sure to find the perfect tap for your wash basin. For added convenience, flexibility and usability.

Taps with hot and cold water

hansgrohe Basin Mixers

hansgrohe basin mixers comes with hot and cold water which you can adjust to your desired temperature for daily use. Award winning designs, long lasting quality and innovative technologies for ease of use, find the taps to meet your design and budget needs.

Choose the right tap height and installation option

Available in different heights and installation options, find the perfect tap solution with hansgrohe to match any wash basins.

hansgrohe calls the space between the tap and the basin the ComfortZone: 

  • Consider the height and positions of taps for the right combinations with the basins.
  • Achieving the right combinations allows you to appreciate aesthetic indulgence and enjoy water without unnecessary splashing.
  • This makes it easier for cleaning and maintenance.

hansgrohe basin mixers are available in a range of heights from 80 to 260mm, with different installation options: 

  • Free-standing mixers
  • Wall-mounting mixers
  • Behind the wash bowl mixers
  • Mixers directly on the basin

Enjoy convenient tap operation at the touch of a button 

The Select technology is synonymous with "ease of use" for many of hansgrohe users. How it works: Gently press once to turn the water on. Press again to turn the water off.

Select comes with a unique design too:

  • Without operating lever: hansgrohe basin mixers with Select has no operating lever. This adds functional clarity and free space around your wash basin. When your hands are busy with cleaning your teeth or shaving, you can operate the flow of water easily with your arm or elbow. How convenient!
  • With operating levers: Besides the Select function, hansgrohe offers many other options for operating levers. Curved, straight, bow-shaped handles, pin and star handles and lots more.  

Automatically save water and energy with the taps 

Saving water is automatic with hansgrohe basin mixers. The technologies to do this are installed inside these taps:

  • EcoSmart: hansgrohe basin mixers consume up to 60% less water than conventional taps, or to be precise: just 5 l/min.
  • CoolStarthansgrohe basin mixers equipped with CoolStart technology reduce your energy costs even more. When the tap handle is set to the middle position, only cold water can flow out. The hot water must be intentionally activated by turning the tap handle to the left. Less hot water also means less energy consumption. 

Check out lots of other advantages offered by hansgrohe basin mixers: 

  • Smooth, high-quality chrome surfaces make for a long-lasting sheen and are very easy to maintain. 
  • QuickCleanhansgrohe basin mixers equipped with QuickClean technology makes it easier for cleaning - it allows you to imply rub off any limescale residues on the tap spout using your finger.
  • AirPowerhansgrohe basin mixers equipped with AirPower technology offers a great experience using less water with air enriched water droplets.
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