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Save water, protect the environment

hansgrohe EcoSmart technology

hansgrohe showers equipped with EcoSmart consume up to 60% less water than conventional products. Which is reassuring.

Lots of choice, lots of fun with water

hansgrohe Croma: comfortable showers for everyone

Are you looking for an elegant shower head with advanced jet adjustment at the touch of a button? A large, swivelling overhead shower with a variety of jet types? Or a shower system that you can use to upgrade your bathroom at a later stage? If so, the Croma shower range is just what you're looking for. Choose from a diverse range of products in attractive designs, and look forward to having lots of fun with water and comfortable showers

Croma hand showers: from tried-and-tested classics through to the Select model

The Croma hand shower range featuring a 100 mm spray disc is a classic product that offers lots of extra features. Here, you can enjoy the invigorating Rain jet in different variants, ranging from the Massage jet to the TurboRain jet. But progress is ongoing: the latest generation of Croma products guarantees even more enjoyable showers (110 mm spray disc) and Select technology. The latter means that you choosethe jet that you want intuitively, at the touch of a button. In the new white/chrome finish – with openly rounded design or smooth-cornered silhouette – the new Croma adds modern accents. Whatever you decide on: the hand shower is available as a water-saving EcoSmart version with consumption of just 9 litres per minute and with practical QuickClean technology.

Croma overhead showers: indulgence comes in all sizes

Whether you choose the 100 mm spray disc or the ample 280 mm one: Croma overhead showers offer indulgence in a wide variety of formats. For example, the Croma 280 Air 1jet overhead shower: with its large metal spray disc, it envelops your body in gentle shower rain. A practical feature: to clean, simply remove the shower head. On Croma Select overhead showers, you can decide whether you want to enjoy rain over a wide area or powerful IntenseRain at the touch of a button. Various designs are available: symmetrically round or Softcube, fully chrome or in white/chrome. The showers can be installed on the wall or ceiling and are available in the economical EcoSmart version.

Easy retrofitting with a shower system: hansgrohe Croma Showerpipes

Croma Showerpipes are all-in-one systems consisting of an overhead shower, hand shower and thermostatic mixer or single lever mixer. Choose the round design or the distinctively angular shape, to match your bathroom style. Shower systems are ideal for bathroom renovations, since they are easy to install onto existing connections. The Croma Select 180 2jet Showerpipe illustrates just what you can get at an affordable price: a safe Ecostat Comfort thermostatic mixer with ergonomic handle, plus five jet types (2 x overhead shower, 3 x hand shower) and jet change via Select, at the touch of a button, plus a swivelling shower head so that you can find the ideal position. Optionally available as an EcoSmart version and also with a filler for the bath tub.

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