Man showering with EcoSmart overhead shower made by hansgrohe.
Let’s protect our planet together!

Sustainability: Helping you to save valuable resources every day

Water is life. Water is our passion. So we do all we can to protect this precious resource: with water- and energy-saving showers, taps, and technologies. Manufacturing and disposing of these products also impact our planet’s environmental and resource cycles – and we take responsibility for this. So that you can proactively protect the climate with hansgrohe products.

Green. Greener. Eco* 2030.

Hansgrohe is making water-bearing products eco-friendly.
Green. Greener. Eco 2030 is the name of the Hansgrohe Group’s lighthouse project. Under the leadership of Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, we are making all water-bearing products eco-friendly.

“By 2030, we plan to convert our entire water-bearing product range for the hansgrohe and AXOR brands to water- and energy-saving technologies. In future, they will need to be part of every energy-related renovation and every energy-efficient new build. We are dedicated to working with others to make the right emission-based changes in bathrooms and kitchens.” 

Hans Jürgen Kalmbach
Chairman of the Executive Board of Hansgrohe SE 

* The Hansgrohe Group defines “Eco” as the reduction of the water and/or energy consumption of water-bearing products in usage by at least 22 percent compared to 2020 (the base year).

Our path to the green transformation

Hansgrohe’s contribution to protecting our planet.

A hand shower uses the most CO2 during its use

The usage phase of a hand shower.

The usage phase of a hand shower is by far the most CO2-intensive. Hand showers emit around 1,000 times more CO2 while our customers are using them than they do during their manufacturing process. We have therefore made it our mission to convert our entire range of showers and taps to “ECO” by 2030. Specifically, this means we will reduce the water and/or energy consumption of water-bearing products in usage by at least 22 percent compared to 2020 (the base year).

Check out our water- and energy-saving technologies

We create inspiring experiences with water for our customers, while also always having standards for the mark we leave on Earth. Excellent design and resource conservation therefore go hand in hand at Hansgrohe. You can save loads of water and energy at home with our EcoSmart and CoolStart technologies. How does it work? Watch the video below to find out.

Save water and give back to the planet.

How to calculate your potential water, energy, and money savings

Use the hansgrohe water savings calculator to quickly and easily find out how much you can specifically save with hansgrohe taps and showers. What are you waiting for? Calculate your water costs, make a substantial saving, and protect the environment.

Dive deeper

Learn more about sustainability at hansgrohe and our contribution to protect our planet. . The brochure can be easily flipped through on your screen or downloaded for later.

hansgrohe Sustainability Brochure 2023
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