Quality assurance for hansgrohe kitchen sinks

Warranty for kitchen sinks

For quality assurance, we provide a voluntary five-year manufacturer's warranty for kitchen products which include both the kitchen sinks and drain kits. Please read on for warranty conditions. 

Please also refer to the general warranty conditions here

This warranty is applicable to all retail purchases at Hansgrohe Aquademie and authorised dealers. This warranty comes into effect from the date of delivery stated on the Delivery Order (DO) and is limited to manufacturing defects but does not cover any real or apparent discoloration, cracks, unevenness, or surface defects caused by external factors such as wear and tear or improper handling or cleaning methods. 

In the unlikely event that any cracks or surface defect(s) are observed on the sinks upon receipt of kitchen sinks and drain kits before their installation, the customer must report to Hansgrohe within 7 days of the date on the DO, with valid supporting documents including invoices and images of the defect(s). It is important that the sink(s) must not have already been installed for the warranty claim and this is subject to the verification by Hansgrohe. After Hansgrohe verifies that the above conditions are fulfilled and the reported defects are manufacturing defect(s) not caused by external factors, there will be a replacement of the same model(s) of the sink(s). Hansgrohe shall not be liable to bear the cost of any removal, transportation, and/or installation of the defective parts or any other consequential damages. 
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