Natural stone meets chrome design

Refined dream bathroom with an elegant floor plan and high-quality interior

Geometric bathroom design meets open-plan room concept. The puristic architecture makes use of high-quality materials and minimises distraction through the use of whimsical furnishing details. The design is characterised by surfaces of valuable natural stone, exclusive ceramics and elegant mixers. Innovative technology enables you to enjoy water in comfort and with efficiency.

Luxurious geometric bathroom design with noble atmosphere and marble tiles.
Purist, elegant bathroom design

Design a refined bathroom with an exquisite interior and innovative technology

Would you like to create a refined dream bathroom in a clearly structured ambience, with a purist design? Opt for the vibrancy of valuable natural stone, elegant ceramics and high-quality mixers to express your sense of style. In a linear room layout, you can elegantly furnish your bathroom by designing a feel-good area with bathtub, shower and wash basin on one continuous flat surface. Marble tiles, used over the entire surface area, with seamlessly varying surface structures make the architecture look stylish and spacious. Subtle colour gradients and the relinquishment of intricate decor are characteristics of minimalist design, which you can enjoy without any distractions. Use elegantly built-in, mirrored storage spaces to create space for everyday articles and keep the interior uncluttered.

Geometric bathroom design with elegant mixers

In this dream bathroom, a precise design forms the ideal background for the elegant silhouette of white bathroom ceramics and shiny chrome mixers. Whether it’s for the wash basin or bathtub: the taps and mixers from the hansgrohe Metropol range accentuate the aesthetics of the 90-degree angle, and with efficient technology, they add highlights to the modern ambience. In the vanishing point of the room, a spacious shower system invites you to experience versatile water indulgence.

Refined dream bathroom with an elegant tap

A base made of fine marble perfectly accentuates the lines of the tap. The geometrically precise design enhances a purist decor.

Elegant marble bathroom with a tap from hansgrohe Metropol
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