For the youthful and the young at heart

First bathroom, with fresh design and contemporary convenience

For their first bathroom, young adults want a high-quality interior and technological efficiency without it costing them a lot of money. Architecture with youthful aspirations relies on clean lines and an individualised colour scheme. Fresh bathroom design, which is both functional and vibrant, is created in an unpretentious ambience.

Bathroom design on a budet: personal wellness oasis in a high-quality bathroom
Fresh design for young adults

First bathroom, featuring simplistic functionality in a creative ambience

Are you furnishing your first bathroom, and do you fancy modern water indulgence in a fresh bathroom design? Clever bathroom ideas can help you design an interior that is both functional and vibrant, even in small spaces. Bright daylight makes the room look bigger, and the floor-level shower installation guarantees that there is plenty of room to move around. The daring combination of full-surface natural stone, classic white tiles and a fresh green mosaic demonstrates vivacity and creates a lively ambience. Decoratively positioned accessories in a wood finish provide the framework for a creative mix of materials and textures. On white bathroom ceramics, perfectly designed taps and mixers in chrome guarantee the ergonomic use of water.

Fresh bathroom design with elegant and technologically innovative mixers

The clean lines and slender mixer body enhance the lively bathroom design. The expressive Crometta Showerpipe is the central focus of the room and offers versatile shower indulgence. Behind their modern design, the mixers conceal innovative technologies, offering efficient and comfortable water indulgence.

First own bathroom in a youthful design

In the youthful designed bathroom, these materials and shapes create a cool mix. Linear fittings emphasize the cool freshness of colors and textures.

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