Checklist for planning bathroom saunas

A sauna in the bathroom: useful information for purchasing

Sauna in the bathroom, wood with glass wall
A sauna can often be installed in bathrooms for less than 10,000 euros, elevating the space to a personal wellness area.

Let go of tension and improve your health

Making the dream of owning a wellness oasis a reality can be quick and easy. However, there are a few things you need to know before you make a purchase. Our checklist will help you to make the right decisions on the path to relaxing in your very own spa.

Before purchasing, you should clarify the following points:

  • The size and space required

  • The heater output

  • The necessary connections

  • Ventilation and safety

Your very own spa in your home bathroom

Traditional sauna accessories
A set of accessories with a sauna bucket, ladle, high-quality headrests and fluffy towels is an excellent gift idea for anyone with a sauna in their bathroom.

Scandinavians have been using saunas for thousands of years and managed to improve their health in many ways.

There are many benefits to using a sauna. It can:

  • boost your immune system,

  • prevent cardiovascular diseases,

  • stimulate your metabolism,

  • help with skin diseases, and

  • relax the body and mind.

The journey to the nearest spa facilities can add to your stress levels after a long day at work. You would also be sharing a public sauna with other users. If you have one in your own home, you can sweat it out in peace within your own four walls

At home, towels and other items can be immediately within reach. Your shower is always available. Hygiene also isn’t an issue: There is no need to be afraid of irritating fungal infestations in your personal spa area.

Saunas used to come as an installation kit consisting of pretty bulky wooden boxes. Today, several manufacturers offer modern designs with glass fronts. You can transform your own bathroom into a spa with these designer pieces. And the costs can be kept down: Good-quality saunas are even available for less than 10,000 euros.

The checklist for fitting a sauna in your bathroom

Please read through this checklist before purchasing your sauna.

  1. Include enough space
    Whether it’s a new build or renovation, you should start thinking about the space a bathroom needs in the early planning stages. One square metre per person will guarantee enough space in the sauna. The smallest models will need just over one square metre. You should think big, if possible. For internal walls, the distance from the wall should be at least 5 cm, at least 10 cm if it’s an external wall.

    A sauna can soon turn into an attraction for family and friends. In addition to your own space needs, we recommend also including enough room to move. In a small model, this would mean at least an extra two square metres.
  2. The heater output
    The size of the heater depends on the number of square metres in the sauna. For a space of up to six square metres, a device with 4.5 kW output is sufficient. For up to nine square metres, the heater should be able to supply 6.0 kW of power; for up to 11 square metres, 8.0 kW. A 9.0 kW output is enough to heat a sauna up to 12 square metres in size.
  3. Type of heater
    An electric heater is perfect for indoor saunas. You would need a suitable pipeline for a gas heater. Wood or biofuels require an ignition and a connection to a chimney.
  4. The necessary connections
    A sauna heater needs a high-voltage power supply. You will also need connections for water nearby so that you can fit a shower for cooling off. But people normally plan to install a shower in their bathroom anyway.
  5. Ventilation
    When choosing the model, make sure that a draft-proof ventilation system is installed. Although the interior is steam insulated, the condensation could cause damage in your bathroom. The necessary ventilation can either be done by opening sufficiently large windows or via a separate system.
  6. Controls 
    Do you want to retreat to your sauna as soon as you arrive home? This is possible with smart, networked controls on the heater. Simply set the required temperature and time using your smartphone.
  7. Furniture 
    You should be able to relax in peace in between each session. So you need the right furniture. Recliners that can tolerate moisture are perfect here.
  8. Visual design
    A harmonious design throughout the bathroom will boost the wellness effect. A sauna will incorporate wood into the bathroom interior. The wood grain can be matched with many materials, especially natural stone. Light-coloured tiles and smart lighting allows for easy adjustability depending on current needs.
  9. Don’t forget about safety
    There are three relevant sets of certification here. The VDE awards the VDE seal, a quality seal for the controls and the heater. The Quality Association for Sauna Construction and Steam Baths issues the RAL quality mark to guarantee high quality. The Blue Angel, the ecolabel of the German Federal Government, provides information on the product’s environmental sustainability and safety.

Want to know more about bathroom wellness trends?

How much space do I need per person?

You should allow one square metre per user.

Do I need special connections for a sauna heater?

A heater requires a high-voltage power supply.

Are there smart sauna heaters?

A modern heater can be controlled using a smartphone, no matter where you are.

Which quality seals are there?

The VDE seal, the RAL quality mark and the Blue Angel.

What do I need to be aware of when it comes to the design?

A modern model is available in a variety of formats. A glass front makes the sauna look spacious. It is important that the wood is harmoniously integrated into the interior design. Wood goes really well with natural stone.

Make your dream of owning a spa come true

The wellness trend for saunas in recent years allows for many to own one - there is a variety of models for selection. With our checklist for all the important points of planning, you can make the right decision. 

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