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White kitchens: the classic choice with the wow factor

For decades, the white kitchen has been considered a classic example of timeless design. The colour has been reinvented time and time again here. Do you want a kitchen that shows off your avant-garde taste for many years to come? White is the perfect choice, as it is suitable for all design styles. This article provides specific tips on how to design your dream in this colour, from the wall to the flooring right through to the appliances.

Harmonious country house style in white, stools made of wood.
The fronts in this country house style kitchen go perfectly with the greenery outside and the wood in the stools.

A well-lit atmosphere as a magnet for family and friends

Modern cupboards, industrial lighting, plants and flowers
This room is the perfect background for carefully chosen objects such as the industrial-look lamp. Plants and flowers add a natural touch to the ambiance.

No other colour reflects light as well as white. This choice of colour will ensure the rays of light flood into your room and illuminate it. The friendly atmosphere acts as a magnet for people, as bright spaces encourage social interactions.

​Another benefit of ​bright fronts is they are adaptable: Whether it’s a cosy country house style, a traditional industrial look or avant-garde minimalism, they look perfect in every style. This makes it easier to furnish combined kitchen and living room spaces.

The major benefit of this choice of colour is the endless combination options. There is no colour that would not pop on a white background. 

Achieve stunning contrasts with dark elements. Traditional black and white can be created with taps and a sink in black. This timeless combination looks particularly eye-catching when it is echoed in the flooring and the back wall. 

Various greys and blues conjure up a slightly softer contrast, which creates a modern and elegant ambiance. The room can be made to look cosy by combining it with wooden elements. Each grain and each brown hue will look stylishly flawless here.

You can also combine light fronts with other colours on the cupboards. However, this choice might make it difficult to redecorate in the future. With light fronts on all cupboards, you can keep all your options open. This also provides the perfect background for colourful elements that shape the style and can be replaced at any time. 

Although high-gloss varnish is still trendy, a matte surface finish is much more practical, as you can’t see every fingerprint as clearly. In rooms with limited space, light walls and ceilings make the room look bigger. Light parquet flooring looks perfect here, as the natural surface really comes into its own.

However, you should avoid designing your entire kitchen in white, as colourful elements are needed to add warmth. Otherwise it can easily appear sterile and cold.

Combining elegant metal and natural patterns

With its shiny transparency, a glass countertop in a white kitchen looks particularly striking. Tempered safety glass keeps out temperature fluctuations and acids. Metallic colours such as copper and gold look extremely elegant in a glass worktop.

Natural stone in countertops can also enhance light cupboards. The natural patterns of marble, granite or travertine stand out from the light surfaces in a beautiful contrast. 

If you want to create visual accents with the countertop or flooring, the appliances and utensils need to blend in harmoniously with the overall look. Stainless steel is the perfect choice here, as it conveys a solid impression without unexpectedly becoming the focal point.

Smart kitchen in white with smart appliances

Light cupboards, grey wood flooring and grey stools
With the light grey tones in the wood flooring’s grain and the accessories in grey, this combination looks fresh and bright.

Do you want your dream kitchen to become a reality and are you thinking in the long term? Smart appliances are the future of technology and can make your life so much easier.

What about a fridge you can operate via voice control? A built-in screen could be connected to smart devices, for example a tablet or TV. That way, you could make the recipe from a cooking programme in real time. This display also makes it easier to communicate, as you can use it as a traditional memo board. Shopping becomes child’s play as you can always examine the contents of your fridge via your smartphone thanks to the built-in camera.

Fun in the kitchen through intelligent technology

The Internet of Things has even got into the oven. With a variety of programmes, sensors ensure your dish is baked to perfection. You can receive real-time updates on the progress wherever you are via an app.

Did you forget to switch the dishwasher on before setting off for the office? No problem! There’s also an app for pressing this button with smart appliances.

Loudspeaker systems built into cupboards can be voice activated, so you can listen to your favourite music while doing chores. This is sure to put a spring in your step when cooking. The same goes for tailored light scenarios: Smart lights can shine in all colours to conjure up the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Frequently asked questions about kitchens in white

With white, am I tied in to one specific interior design style?

This choice of colour is suitable for all styles, from country house right through to minimalism.

My kitchen is very small. Is white a good choice?

It makes rooms look bigger. If you have limited space, you could match the cupboards with light walls.

I love white. Can I use this colour throughout the kitchen?

If you furnish the entire room in nothing but this colour, it can soon look sterile and cold. Elements in warm shades, for example wood flooring, will make it look cosier.

Which material looks good as a worktop here?

Glass worktops in metallic colours, for example copper or gold, look ultra-elegant in light kitchens. Natural stone also complements the fronts perfectly.

Is this kitchen suitable for smart appliances?

Smart appliances are the future of technology and can be installed in any kitchen. They can be controlled via an app, no matter where you are.

Ideas for your dream kitchen

The colour white can be matched with pretty much anything. The bright environment has an appealing effect on friends and family. Accessories in different colours can transform rooms time and time again, all while making a feature out of the other materials in the space, such as natural stone, wood, stainless steel or glass. Smart appliances then further increase the quality of life of the people living there.
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