Ideas for your wood-look bathroom

Bathrooms with wood

Nothing compares to the warm atmosphere of a bathroom with wood elements. This visual diffuser provides a fascinating contrast to the stark surfaces of bath tubs and wash basins. 

Bath tub outdoors surrounded by wood, view of the mountains
A dream bath tub in the great outdoors: The wood panels around the bath and taps are echoed in the building’s façade, forming a seamless transition to the idyllic mountain backdrop.

Wood in the bathroom – natural and sustainable 

Bring a slice of nature into your very own wellness oasis with wood. Modern coatings allow the sustainable material to be used in damp spaces in a variety of ways. Be inspired by our design ideas for wood in your bathroom – from large surfaces to furniture right through to accessories.

How can I treat myself to a bathroom with wood, and why should I do it?

It used to be said that wood and water don’t mix. Fortunately, things have changed. Modern varnishes and coatings made of epoxy resin transform wood into a wonderfully warm material that brings nature into your bathroom into your bathroom. 

What are the benefits of a bathroom with wood?

  • Wood always looks timeless and creates a blissfully cosy feel in an instant.
  • As a renewable resource, wood is a sustainable and eco-friendly material.
  • Different shades of wood can be beautifully matched to create surprising effects.

Not only does wood radiate the warmth of the sun that helped to grow it, but it also has a really nice feel. The timeless texture of the surface will outlast all trends and pamper you with the enchantment of nature. 

Wood from certified sources is one of the materials that barely impacts the environment. Trees store CO2 as they grow, which actively helps to protect the climate. When choosing your wood, look out for an ecolabel that guarantees it was locally and sustainably sourced. What is more, wood is extremely durable and can last for hundreds of years.

Using a mixture of light and dark wood in a bathroom creates a surprise effect. You can combine different colours and grains on a wall or achieve a contrast using wood flooring and furniture in different types of wood. We recommend not using more than three shades here, otherwise it detracts from the bathroom’s serene look.

Wood walls and flooring create atmosphere

Make a bold statement in your bathroom with wall panels or flooring in wood. The large surface will instantly transform your bathroom into a space inspired by nature that exudes warmth, comfort and protection.

Wood has the following benefits:

  • Wood-like tiles are practical and easy to clean.
  • In real wood flooring, wood type matters.
  • Walls and ceilings made of wood can be effortlessly matched with any colour.

The grain on wood-like tiles looks deceptively genuine and combines the cosiness of wood with the long-lasting nature of ceramics, which are more difficult to be damaged by moisture. Long tiles in a herringbone pattern look particularly authentic.

If you want to feel the warmth of wood beneath your feet, go for genuine wood flooring. Talk to your tradesperson about an underlay with a vapour barrier to prevent moisture from building up under the wood. With genuine wood flooring, the type of wood is key. Teak, Brazilian cherry and merbau are exotic woods that repel moisture. Other wood varieties such as oak, walnut, larch and fir are also suitable.

Wooden walls and ceilings affixed to an underlay are straightforward. You can get cladding in a seemingly endless variety of shades that can be combined with all colours of the rainbow. Light wood adds warmth to the rather cool look of natural stone. Bold shades of wood form an attractive contrast to stainless steel. Wood-like tiles can either be matched tone-on-tone or with contrasting shades of wood.

Light interior with tiles in a natural wood effect.
Light furniture and accessories highlight the natural wood effect of the tiles to create a warm accent.

Embellish a wood-like bathroom with furniture

Do you want to transform your existing bathroom using wooden accessories? Or do you have a small bathroom where wood on the walls and ceilings would make the room look smaller? In this case, bathroom furniture made of wood is a great choice. There is a huge range of shelves, wash basin units and bathroom cabinets made of wood.

When making your choice, pay attention to the surface treatment. A film coating is easy to clean but hides the soothing feel. A seal consisting of several layers of hard wax will retain the natural charm of the wood. Moisture will drip off it, but it will need to be regularly refreshed.

Wood combined with other natural materials looks very elegant on bathroom furniture. A marble plate on a wooden wash basin unit will give your bathroom an old-fashioned feel without it looking outdated. Granite and wood is one of the combinations that reminds us of how natural resources seem to last forever.

Real wood veneer is the perfect choice if you want to bring a totally resistant wood look to your bathroom. The furniture will feature a thin layer of genuine wood on the outside. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between this and solid wood in bathroom furniture, but this is much less expensive to make.

Not sure about designing your whole bathroom in a wood look? Achieving the cosy feel of wood with accessories is also an option. Bowls, shelves or towel racks made of wood are perfect for this.

Frequently asked questions about wood in bathrooms

What do I need to be aware of when choosing wood for the bathroom?

Wood is an eco-friendly material when produced sustainably. So we advise watching out for an appropriate quality seal from the manufacturer.

Which types of wood are good for bathroom flooring?

Exotic woods such as teak, Brazilian cherry and merbau repel moisture just as well as locally sourced woods such as walnut, larch, fir and oak.

What is important when installing flooring, ceilings and walls made of wood?

The wood should always be installed on underlay that prevents moisture from pooling.

How do I combine various shades of wood?

You can either create a contrast through dark and light shades or play with similar shades and different grains. Designers recommend not combining more than three woods.

Which combinations with other materials are particularly effective?

Marble matched with light or dark wood exudes elegance. Granite matched with light or grey wood looks solid and consistent. Brushed or shiny stainless steel creates an attractive contrast with all woods.

A sensual wellness oasis created through the bathroom’s warm ambiance

You immediately feel close to nature in wood-effect bathrooms. Nothing compares to the naturalness of wood. Modern coatings enable you to use the sustainable material in your bathroom in a multitude of ways. Wood transforms your bathroom into a wellness oasis.
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