Colours: the key to your design dreams

Sensual experiences in the bathroom: colourful, perfectly refined, a place to feel good

Colours have an effect on our body and mind. They influence our sense of well-being – often without us even realising it. We only notice how important colours are for our mood when they are absent. What do you long for on a gloomy, misty day? Which colour would you take with you to a desert island? These are precisely the hues you should use in your bathroom design. Ultimately, your bathroom is your safe haven. It’s where you enjoy a precious moment to yourself. A soak in a scented bath or a gently massaging shower are sensual experiences that enable you to perceive your surroundings more intensely. Whichever shade you pick, make sure you base it on your personal feel-good factor.

The perfect contrast: anthracite and Brushed Bronze
A dream in anthracite: The elegant-looking Brushed Bronze on the tap really comes into its own thanks to the bold contrast.

Colours and their effects

Beautiful contrast: white with hints of copper and antique pink
The sky’s the limit: The elegant copper makes the room look spacious. Beautiful detail: the oval mirror above the wash basin.

Chromotherapy has taught us that every shade of colour has its own unique effect. This also applies in the bathroom:

  • Blue represents water and is a classic in the bathroom. It has a harmonious and calming effect, and it is also cool. A drop of yellow transforms it into an exhilarating turquoise. Blue is great at adding depth to small rooms.

  • Green reminds us of the freshness of nature: perfect for a healthy balance between relaxation and vitality. The bluer the shade, the calmer the space.

  • Grey has a purist, no-nonsense, technical vibe. Neutral in itself, grey makes every other colour pop. So it’s great for matching in a colour scheme.

  • Black signifies elegance and darkness. It is unfathomably beautiful, but can come across as oppressive. Used sparingly, black is elegant and upscale.

  • Brown has a balancing effect and exudes a feeling of protection and comfort. Warm earthy tones such as ochre or sienna turn your bathroom into a natural feel-good space.

  • White is pure and clean – but also cold. White goes with everything. It can neutralise, brighten and invigorate. The possibilities are endless with white in interior design.

Only you can decide which colour is right for your bathroom

Satisfying understatement: distinct shapes, dark shades
The impressive things about this design are the combination of dark grey shades and the distinctive black design on the tap and wash basin.

The choice of colours for the walls and flooring alone is immense. But that’s not all: Alongside the sanitary facilities and furniture, the taps in particular also come in a choice of colours. Choose between black, white, gold, bronze or ‘classic’ chrome. There is an almost endless number of combinations here. So design your personal dream oasis with a harmonious colour concept for your entire bathroom.

Tone on tone with deliberate pops of colour

The rule of thumb: Colours work well tone on tone or as a contrast. Choose soft background colours. Play with shades. Delicate pastels conjure up a beautiful contrast with dark surfaces. Add purposeful pops of colour with signal colours such as red or yellow. Black taps and sanitary facilities are currently on trend and can be perfectly matched with muted tones on walls and floors.

Colour and finish for personal feel-good factors 

It has to feel right to you – that’s all that matters. What do you like to surround yourself with? Think about both the look and feel of the surfaces here. The finish will have an influence on a room’s ambiance, whether it’s created using specialised techniques on the walls or flooring or through custom surface finish designs that really show off the taps. Having a harmonious mix is key, as this is how your bathroom becomes a place of rest and relaxation.

Frequently asked questions about colour for the bathroom

Why do you need to get the colour in the bathroom right?

It has a physical and mental impact on us. You should therefore choose your colours carefully to ensure they make you feel good.

What are the most popular bathroom colours?

Blue, green, earthy tones, white, black, grey and metallics are popular. Signal colours such as yellow or red are great for adding accents.

Do taps come in different colours?

Of course! Black, white, gold, bronze or ‘classic’ chrome – and with unique surface finish designs.

Which effects does each colour have?

Each one has its own effect. But only when all colours are working together will it create a harmonious look for the room.

Which bathroom colour is on trend right now?

Trends come and go. All that matters is the colour you choose helps to achieve your feel-good atmosphere.

From coherent design concept to dream bathroom

Elegant black, delicate pastels or a dream in white: People’s preferences vary as much as the individuals themselves. Having a coherent overall concept, including the colour and finish, is important. This will turn your bathroom into what you’ve always dreamed of. Enjoy!

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