Ideas for your bathroom lighting

Getting the light right: How to create optimum lighting in the bathroom

What would a room be without beautiful lighting to direct the gaze? Even bathrooms need a sophisticated lighting concept, as the lighting that bathroom users need changes considerably throughout the day. Here are some sublime ideas for your bathroom lighting.

Wash basin unit with mirror and indirect lighting
The right light for every situation: Indirect lighting can be used as mirror lights to give it an aesthetic function.

Basic: the perfect basic lighting

Pendant lights above the bath tub
Several pendant lights exude elegance and are just waiting for cosy evenings reading a book in the bath tub.

Just like any other room, the bathroom needs basic lighting bright enough to illuminate all areas well. We recommend warm white LED bulbs to create a nice ambience. When choosing the right bulbs, you should be aware of technical aspects such as the protection class and test mark to ensure that the model can be used in damp spaces. 

Bathroom lighting should also distribute the light well so that nobody is dazzled and the light is evenly dispersed throughout the room. If the ceiling bulb has a dimmer function, you don’t need additional wellness lighting for evenings in the bathtub, as you can already create a calming atmosphere with what you have. Modern lighting technology that can be used to create various lighting scenarios is another possibility.

Focus: the best mirror lights

The rules are totally different for mirror lighting in the bathroom: Direct, bright light is needed here. That way, you won’t miss a spot when applying make-up or shaving. If you choose LED bulbs, please be aware of their lumens, as this indicates how bright they are. The overall brightness of bathroom lighting should be 4000 to 8000 lumens, with the brightest bulbs going in the mirror lighting.

When positioning the lighting, you should think about possible shadow formations. We advise testing your mirror lighting at different times of day to observe the impact of daylight on the situation.

When choosing the bulbs, you should take personal preferences, your ability to see and any possible restrictions into consideration. Cold or warm light will be suitable depending on your circumstances and personal taste.

Industrial-style pendant lights
Put the spotlight on your style with lighting: Industrial-style pendant lights emphasise the effect of the vintage design.

On top: special accent lighting

The rain shower, the antique dresser as a wash basin unit or the shelf with a selection of cosmetics: Well-planned bathroom lighting is perfect for drawing attention to the highlights in your bathroom. Using spotlights directs the gaze at decorative elements or furniture.

In minimalist bathrooms, indirect lighting can ensure additional excitement: Accentuated backsplashes, textured walls or exclusive rugs can then receive the attention they deserve. Colourful bathroom lighting in the shower enables you to create a special atmosphere based on your mood.

Frequently asked questions about bathroom lighting

What needs to be taken into consideration when planning a bathroom lighting concept?

Care, hygiene, relaxation: A bathroom fulfils many roles. So each area needs individual lighting that creates a feel-good atmosphere and offers the best light for applying make-up and cosmetics.

What is the role of basic lighting in a bathroom?

Basic lighting with scattered light provides enough light to use the bathroom for day-to-day purposes.

What is the best way to light the mirror?

The mirror should be completely illuminated without creating glare. Mirror lights should be tested in various light situations before installation.

Where can I use accent lighting?

Architectural or design highlights can be emphasised in the bathroom with spotlights, colourful lights and indirect lighting. You can also use these lights to adapt the atmosphere in the room to your mood.

Which light colour should I choose for bathroom lighting?

Warm light is recommended for basic lighting and relaxing mood lighting. To spot details when applying make-up and shaving, you should use slightly lighter, colder light.

Create accents with sophisticated bathroom lighting

A lighting concept for the bathroom should always involve several light sources for different situations. This way, the lighting can be individually customised according to functionality, mood and user circle to maximise on the room’s potential.

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