Raw charm, workshop chic & cool colours

Industrial-style kitchens: furnishing ideas for fans of design

Do you love the raw charm of the workshop look and cool colours that blend into modern kitchens? Then industrial style is the perfect choice for you. Black metal and robust finishes set the scene for shiny chrome taps. Combine them with our sinks in stainless steel or natural granite. Concrete effects and vintage flair round off the trend.

An industrial-style kitchen with a touch of warmth.
The industrial style combines robust metal, muted colours and shimmering stainless steel. The innovatively operated kitchen tap at the sink is truly captivating.
Metal features and black dominate the industrial style.
The industrial style combines cool technology with natural finishes: shiny stainless steel, premium kitchen taps and the nice feel of natural stone form a harmonious picture.

Industrial style pays homage to workshops and the world of industry in a cool, yet homely environment. The conscious selection of strong materials such as iron, steel, concrete and stone is representative of an urban interior design style. It’s therefore no surprise that the industrial style is also reminiscent of the world of lofts. Use this style to harmoniously combine sensuality and sober functionality.

The trend is characterised by a colour scheme consisting of black, grey and rust tones. The factory atmosphere of exposed brick walls is highly prominent in cool industrial-style kitchen designs: Wall and flooring manufacturers provide a wide range of interpretations of real materials, with and without patina. Signs of use are very much permitted in the industrial style. Vintage pieces such as metal stools and workshop lamps therefore complete the desired look that pays homage to old workplaces. This sets the industrial style apart from the concept of minimalist living spaces.

In trendy kitchens, this combination of rustic finishes and cool, contemporary technologies makes a unique statement: Raw chic meets modern design. Shelves with a black, metal frame, just like the ones in warehouses, are functional and casual in style. Concrete is another key part of the concept: Whether on the floor or the unit fronts, the authentic look makes you want to reach out and touch it. There is also the option to add rust effects, usually from the manufacturer’s colour range to popular furniture finishes.

Raw, rough, natural: Materials for industrial-style kitchens

Good news: In its modern interpretation, this design is also suitable for smaller kitchens. Industrial design elements exude an unconventional loft look, even without the five-metre ceiling height. The key is to get the mix of materials right: 

  • Metal is a must. It looks most authentic with a ‘fresh from the factory’ finish. Whether steel, iron or brass, antique patinas or satin finishes, metals can emphasise the cool industrial look in the form of shelving frames, table frames, taps and lamps. 
  • The second pillar of industrial design: Concrete – seamlessly and smoothly levelled onto floors and walls. Furniture and home accessories with concrete components complement the style. Pure, unplastered brick is a minimalist alternative for the walls, where it calls for it. 
  • Wood is perfect for combining with concrete and metal. It is best left untreated – or whitewashed at most. It brings natural colour and warmth into the room. If you don’t like concrete, coarse planks of wood are a cosier flooring alternative. It works great in a material mix with vintage-style furniture.

Vintage furniture in the kitchen: Mix of materials for contrast

Typical: exposed brick wall and retro leather seat.
A wide retro leather seat in front of the rough brick on the wall. The visible supply pipe provides cool industrial charm – and the wood flooring warmth.

Retro, recycling, vintage: Round off your kitchen’s industrial style with the right choice of furniture. The combination of wood, concrete and metal is once again a must here. If you have lots of space, a strong slab of solid wood on a robust metal frame screwed together with rough bolts would make for the perfect dining table. 

A retro sofa or a wide armchair – artificial leather that looks genuine – are very comfortable seating options and win people over with their unconventional style. Furniture with a delicate mix of materials also works well in tight spaces. 

Shelves made of wood or glass on a narrow metal frame replace wall cupboards here. 

Industrial-style chairs with leather upholstery on an iron frame can round off even the smallest dining area. 

Not furniture in the narrower sense of the word, but perfectly fitting interior design pieces: Fully or partially glazed metal sliding doors in industrial style with visible guide rails. With exposed water and ventilation pipelines, function becomes a design element here. 

Breaking from the style won’t hurt, especially if you opt for a minimalist design for your tap.

Light up your life: Lighting makes all the difference

Pendant lights in playful industrial chic
The exposed illuminants are typical for lights in this design. This collection of copper-coloured bulbs really come into their own in large kitchens.

Industrial-style lights don’t just fit in perfectly with the look. They are also impressive from a functional standpoint. Lighting can be used to specifically and purposefully illuminate certain areas. ‘Naked’ illuminants are typical for this design trend. The look is reminiscent of good old light bulbs, but the lighting is provided thanks to modern LEDs. 

  • Cage lights originate from harsher work environments. The interior design pieces work perfectly in rooms with a minimalist design. Pendant, wall and ceiling lights can be purchased with this typical safety guard. You can also create accents with colourful powder-coated wiring.  
  • Large factory-style pendant lights are perfect when suspended above long dining tables. The interior of the semi-circular lampshades shines in brass or copper colours. Their exterior is a sleek black or features an antique finish. On very high-quality, hand-made models, the surface finishes shimmer in copper red and pattina. Pendant tubes, chains or twisted fabric cables are typical for the ceiling installation.  

  • Ornamental scissor lamps are perfect lighting options for worktops. They can be swivelled and pulled out vertically and horizontally. Particularly unconventional: a lampshade made of patinated copper or iron.
  • Headlight bulbs weren’t originally designed for industrial use. They have been a dominant feature in lofts ever since the first former factory buildings were converted into hubs for artists.

The bigger the size, the greater the effect: This rule also applies to lights. But this only works well if there is plenty of space. Don't opt for large-scale industrial-style lamps in small kitchens.

Kitchen design between a loft and cooking workshop

Factory chic in the kitchen

The industrial style also makes an impressive design statement in the kitchen. Emphasise the interior design statement with high-quality industrial-style lighting and vintage furniture made of matching materials.

Frequently asked questions about the industrial style in the kitchen

Can I also furnish a small kitchen in the industrial style?

As a modern interpretation, this design will also go well in kitchens that do not have the architectural concept of a loft.

Which materials suit the industrial style?

Definitely concrete, metal and wood. Glass and brick also emphasise the loft look.

Which furniture can I use to furnish my kitchen in the industrial style?

This style is based on mixing materials, even when it comes to furniture: solid wood, concrete or glass with a metal frame, for example. Rough nuts and bolts and (artificial) leather on seating are a must.

What do I need to be aware of when choosing the furniture?

The wider, the better – as long as you have the room. If your kitchen is smaller, go for a more delicate look in your furniture.

Which lighting is typical of the industrial style?

Cage lights, factory pendant lights, scissor lamps and bulbs that look like headlights are a perfect match. Typical: naked light bulbs.

Optimum kitchen functionality as is fit for the industrial style

Like the idea of the roughness of the industrial style for your dream kitchen? hansgrohe offers a wide range of modern kitchen taps to help you create a harmonious design that meets top technical standards. The ability to ergonomically switch between two spray types and the tailored ComfortZone height perfectly reflect the working nature of the industrial-style kitchen. Based on smooth workflows, the design offers outstanding user-friendliness through taps with a pull-out function and an sBox.

Harmoniously combine the industrial style with materials from hansgrohe

Stylishly coordinate our kitchen taps with purist hansgrohe sinks. Choose between a modern, stainless steel design and natural SilicaTec granite. Both options give a functional feel to industrial-style kitchens. High-quality shiny stainless steel captures the technical side, while the robust granite sinks are the perfect match for the trendy materials. You can also complete the look by choosing from a wide range of shades for your sink mixer. Metallic tones and matt colours such as Brushed Black Chrome, Matt Black and Stainless Steel Finish help the kitchen tap visually blend in with the industrial design.
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