Creating a visual highlight

The back wall of the kitchen: ideas for an individual look

The back wall of your kitchen has a highly practical purpose: It protects against splashes from the hob and sink. But a little effort can make a big design statement here. This article contains ideas for materials such as glass, stone, wood and extravagant surface finishes.

Back wall made of glass, grey cupboards with wood elements
Elegant, understated, eye-catching: Using glass as a back wall can fulfil your dream kitchen.

Glass: a trendy material with creative leeway

Yellow element, white cupboards, wood furniture
The warm, golden tone of this back wall softens the white unit fronts and matches the wood in the furniture.

Glass elements can give your creativity free rein. Caveat: We advise opting for high-quality toughened safety glass with a thickness of at least 6 mm here. Tempering it will increase the impact and shock resistance of this type of glass. If an accident were to occur, this glass would shatter into small cubes with no sharp edges. Toughened glass is heat-resistant, and not even acids can damage it.

Alongside its transparency, the benefit of the durable trendy material of glass is its consistent, easy-care surface finish. It makes the room look spacious and understated, while also softening the look of the unit fronts. 

You can use this material however you like in your interior design. Manufacturers offer various styles of glass that can make elements of the room look like they are floating with their shiny, transparent or satin finish. Glass paired with metal in copper or gold can enrich any ambience.

Glass is unlike any other material in that you can use it to effortlessly shape your unique design. You could stain an image of your choice on glass, for example. Digital prints will not fade and can be sealed with a protective coating. You could use your own work or images from online databases as the motif.

Options for one-of-a-kind décor:

  • Your favourite colour from Pantone
  • Famous works of art
  • Natural textures and patterns
  • Graphic designs by famous artists

Nature or high tech for exclusive designs

Whether you are using a natural material, metal or Dekton, you have so much choice when it comes to the back wall. Natural materials automatically create a connection to nature. If you have a soft spot for organic design, a model made of natural stone, quartz or wood would be perfect. 

Stone is created over millions of years and can enrich all kitchens with its unique texture. As it comes in so many colours, natural stone can be made to match any colour scheme. What’s more, moisture and heat have got nothing on this sustainable and easy-care material. 

Quartz composite is mainly made of natural quartz mixed with resin and pigments to create a pore-free, tough surface. If you want something that looks like stone with a consistent texture, quartz is the right choice for you. 

Coated wood expresses a connection with nature. This resistant material brings warmth into the room and is perfect for matching with wooden cupboards.

Indestructible – metal and Dekton

Fans of the industrial look will love metal back walls. Brushed stainless steel or sheets of aluminium compounds give it a hint of elegant retro chic, which can be perfectly coordinated with industrial-style lights and Bauhaus furniture. 

Are you a fan of technology? Then Dekton is perfect for you. This compound was developed just a few years ago. A unique compression process imitates the natural formation of stone using enormous pressure and temperatures of up to 1,200 degrees Celsius. This creates an extremely hard material with a flawless surface. The slightly rough texture is also slip-resistant. Dekton comes in patterns that perfectly emulate natural stone or wood grain.

Create a unique design for the back wall of the kitchen with glass & co.

The back wall between the cupboards can be the perfect place for a visual highlight. You could have glass printed with a motif of your choice. Natural materials such as stone, quartz or wood with unique patterns are impressive. Lovers of the industrial look often prefer metal, while Dekton is a new, hi-tech and indestructible material.

Frequently asked questions about designing a back wall in a kitchen

Is a back wall made of glass fragile?

High-quality toughened safety glass has been tempered to make it impact- and shock-resistant.

Can I add a design to a back wall made of glass?

You can have a unique motif of your choice printed on it.

What are the benefits of a back wall made of natural stone?

Natural stone is a sustainable and long-lasting material that withstands heat and moisture. Each slab of natural stone is also unique.

What is quartz composite?

For this material, quartz is mixed with resin and pigments to create a pore-free surface with a consistent texture.

What makes Dekton so special?

This compound is extremely tough and scratch-resistant. It also features a slightly rough, slip-resistant surface finish.
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