Give your kitchen the feel-good factor with furnishings

Scandi style in the kitchen: That special ‘hygge’ feeling as you cook

Warm light, lovely materials and personal mementos in sight: The first coffee of the day tastes even nicer in a cosy atmosphere like this. Are you yet to feel this way about your kitchen? Discover some of the little things you can do to furnish the room Scandi-style and create a place where you can truly breathe again here.

Kitchen in black with marble-effect wall tiles
Clean lines, understated design and everything in its place: Scandinavian interior design doesn’t need a lot to look fantastic.

Scandi style: cosy design from Scandinavia

Kitchen in white, wood and with green plants
Matt white cupboard fronts, warm wood tones on the table and worktop and lots of greenery: Spark joy with hygge.

Scandinavian style has long been a constant in modern interior design. It features clean lines and shapes, lots of wood finishes and warm, matt colours alongside natural materials and fabrics. The result: A mix that makes the room feel calm, with bold accents totally scaled back. The aim is for your friends and family – not to mention your eyes and mind – to relax in this cosy environment. It goes without saying that a kitchen is the perfect room to furnish in a Scandinavian style. 

When it comes to the design, these aspects play a key role:

  • Materials: Use cotton, cork, sisal and stone to achieve a vibrant yet calming effect using natural materials.
  • Colours: Less is more here, as whites, browns and greys are the main colours used in Scandi style. Create subtle accents using understated pastel colours.

  • Minimalism: It doesn’t take all that much to come up with a cosy interior design. Minimalism is therefore a key component in this Scandi style. If this is the look for you, most of the objects in your home should have a purpose – or spark a lot of joy.
  • Shapes: The Nordic furnishing style is organic, soft and feminine – a clear counterpart to the industrial style and other more masculine looks.
  • Sustainability: Choose high-quality furniture, accessories and furnishings with a timeless design.

Cooking with hygge: tips for your Scandinavian design

Tidy, minimalist kitchen
The Scandinavian style emerged back in the 1950s, but it is still a popular interior design trend to this day.

Cooking, roasting, baking – functionality is the top priority in the kitchen. But this doesn’t mean the room can’t also be cosy. To achieve more of a snug vibe, take inspiration from the following tips on revamping kitchens and furnishing new builds.

  • Wood: As a worktop, sideboard or cupboard, this natural material brings warmth and character to the kitchen. Combining it with glass and stainless steel gives it a modern touch.
  • White and grey: Light hues are the perfect base colours for fronts and cooking islands. Wood surfaces in a white finish look ultra-elegant here.
  • Soft and round: Select soft shapes for chairs, the counter and decorative elements.

  • Simple is chic: Only use a few choice accessories that you really love. Even better if they have an additional function.
  • Light sources: Lamps and ceiling lights should disperse warm light. Position several smaller lights around the room so that you can conjure a cosy atmosphere in the evening.
  • Practical and beautiful: Focus on beautiful accents, including in the details, and choose towels in subtle colours, harmonious patterns and prints.

Frequently asked questions about Scandi-style kitchens

What is Scandi style?

It is an interior design trend from Scandinavia. It focuses on designing rooms with a relaxing, feel-good vibe.

Which materials should I use in my Scandi-inspired kitchen?

Natural materials such as wood are mainly used here. Rattan and cork are perfect for the details.

Which colours work well in Scandi design?

Natural colours in white, grey and brown ensure a cosy ambiance. Pastels are great for adding subtle accents.

How can I produce a ‘hygge’ vibe in the kitchen?

The furniture should be as light and pleasant as possible. Choose chairs and decorative elements with a soft, round shape. The various small light sources will provide warm lighting.

What kind of role do accessories play?

Scandi chic takes a minimalist approach. So apply this to the decorative elements, too. Less is more. Select a few elements, such as pictures, a sculpture or plants, items that bring a smile to your face when you look at them.
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