Round, linear, glass, metal or wood

Unusual bathroom furniture: How to achieve a unique look with shapes and materials

A mix of materials and shapes for unusual bathroom furniture.
Warm wood – smoothly curved with a harmonious grain – cool stone and the clean lines on the tap: The perfect symbiosis of material and shape results in extraordinary bathroom furniture.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

There was a time when the only taps you could find were round and made of chrome. Wash basins were white, oval and ceramic – base cabinets linear and unremarkable. Today, almost anything is possible: Unusual furniture with off-beat shapes create a unique look that you are sure to love as a fan of design:  

  • Asymmetry is striking. Who says the wash basin has to sit in the centre of the counter top? There are so many options when it comes to the layout, even with unusual designs. Furnishings don’t necessarily need to occupy space to the right or left of the wash basin. There is also room in front and behind it. Asymmetrical wash basins are striking, no matter whether they are a counter top wash bowl or an integrated model.  
  • Not all roundness is created equal: Rounded wash basins are one thing. Making the entire wash basin unit and striking bathroom cabinets round instead of linear makes a design statement in itself. And ‘round’ doesn't necessarily mean ‘circular’, either. Play with elliptical or oval designs for even more contrasts in the design language. 
  • Geometry meets organic shapes: When the design of the wash basin units lies somewhere between geometric and organic shapes, things get exciting. Flat, angular ceramic surfaces then meet the soft and flowing shape of the wash basin. If you were to fill it up to the brim, you would barely be able to see where the basin ends and the water starts. 
  • The octagon is an amazing shape: sleek on the outside, with shimmering facets reminiscent of a jewel on the inside. These days ceramic wash basins can be shaped into an octagon with the help of elaborate artistry. Fascinating lines fulfil he highest standards in design here – and transform your wash basin unit into a work of art. 
Even glass partitions can become unusual bathroom furniture.
With the perfect use of materials and design, plain shower partitions can become extraordinary pieces of bathroom furniture. This glass element looks like it’s floating in the room.

New and unusual materials for striking bathroom furniture

There are very few limits on the design possibilities of today. With modern casting processes and innovative materials, bathroom ceramics producers are breaking new ground in the manufacturing of wash basins, bath tubs and toilets. The result: extraordinary furniture with flowing shapes and no visible seams or joints. Used and manufactured in unusual ways, traditional materials can also be good at creating bold effects – especially when contrasted and mixed.

Shimmering and stunning: metal
Enamelled steel is a classic material for bath tubs and shower tubs. It is also becoming increasingly prevalent in wash basin units. But now the enamel contains metal, which creates a striking metallic dark iron look: dark, shimmering and highly reflective. But even pure metal is a genuine eye-catcher in counter top wash bowls – either as a hammered chrome/brass mix or a shiny gold-coloured polished brass. As the surface reflects its surroundings, it always looks different based on the visual angle and how the light hits it. 

Almost magical: glass
Glass furnishings enter into a perfect symbiosis with their environment. When unfilled, glass bath tubs are totally transparent. The minimalist underwater chaise lounges that come with many models then look like they are floating in the room. Colourful glass also looks very impressive when used in wash basin floor units and bathroom shelves. A combination of transparent side panels and fronts with opaque materials in shelving units creates highly effective, colourful shadows, enabling the furniture and space to blend into one. 

Strikingly natural: wood
Wood on wash basins is a classic. It creates natural warmth. Opt for burr if you want to add an unusual touch to your interior design. With its bizarre formations and vivid grain, it can provide an amazing contrast in a room with a purist style. Because of its high oil content, teak is highly suitable for wet areas. Either as a wash basin counter top or, if varnished, as the wash basin itself. Shelving made of entire logs can be very striking. Especially when used as a towel rack.

Unique shapes and unique materials make for extremely unique bathroom furniture

Gently curved, clear lines or a shiny octagon design: Unique pieces of furniture with strong design language make bold design statements. New and traditional materials used in unusual ways give you the unique aesthetic you want in your bathroom.

Frequently asked questions about unusual bathroom furniture

Can you get furniture in unusual shapes?

When it comes to shape, anything goes: all varieties of round and linear, geometric combined with organic shapes or octagons. Contrasts work really well here.

Isn’t a symmetrical wash basin more beautiful?

Not necessarily. Asymmetry can also be very attractive here. You decide how the wash basin is matched with the surfaces surrounding it.

Can you get metal furniture?

Yes, there are some very striking examples. Wash basins made of enamelled stainless steel or brass are genuine eye-catchers.

What does glass look like as a bathroom material?

Bold. The unique thing about glass is its transparent look, which creates the perfect symbiosis with its surroundings.

Can you use wood for wash basin units?

Yes. Teak is particularly good if you want an extraordinary model. You can even use it for the wash basin itself.
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