The finishing touches are in the detail

Luxury in the bathroom: Accessories that have it all

In 1994, famous interior designer Philippe Starck sparked a design revolution with a concept that transformed the bathroom into a living space. Ever since, the traditional wet cell has been presented with a new sense of self-awareness and lots of luxury. Nowadays, not only do bathrooms satisfy the highest quality standards, but they also feature an impressive look. High-quality accessories combine a luxury look with everyday usability here: They are resistant to damp conditions and corrosion, not very susceptible to mould and easy to clean. 

Effective minimalist design: the XtraStoris wall alcove.
The minimalist XtraStoris wall alcove from hansgrohe is a design element offering practical storage.

The right accessories for every style

Unusual added extras are available in a wide range of designs, from established classics right through to award-winning up-and-coming design trends. The choice of material is a matter of personal style. Is your bathroom purist? Then cool stainless steel, natural stone, concrete and glass are a great fit. Do you like it au naturel? Choose products made of wood and bamboo fibre. Your accessories, on the other hand, can contrast the overall style by creating accents. One product range usually encompasses all the accessories, from towel hooks right through to toilet brushes. So you can decide whether to stay loyal to one range or mix and match your designer accessories to suit your preferences.

Everything you need – and more

One look – from the towel hook right through to the toilet brush.
Manufacturers like Hansgrohe offer product ranges full of furnishings. Matt black metal and frosted glass create a consistent look here.

You can’t be without the essentials. Go for accessories that make your style of choice seem like a given:

  • Soap dispensers come in all shapes and sizes and are made of high-quality materials with a luxurious finish. Or go for the alternative: an extravagant bar of soap on an elegant soap dish – one made of gilded brass, for example. If you want a fancy material, go for diatomite: The Japanese sedimentary rock can absorb seemingly endless amounts of moisture to keep your extravagant soap dry.  
  • Towel racks are a classic in themselves. Hooks, rails, stands or ladders, they come in all shapes and sizes. The designs range from powdered brass in matt black or matt white to shiny chrome right through to a vintage gold look. If you want something a bit extra, opt for a shelf suspended from the ceiling with a built-in towel rack. This will make it look like the items are floating in the room. 
  • Roll holders are also available in ultra-luxurious designs – including an elegant look in shiny gold stainless steel and black glass with an additional box for wet tissue. Roll holders with an integrated smartphone shelf also offer a practical two-in-one function. The dominating material is metal with a high-quality finish. There are also combinations with colourful glass or wood.
  • These combinations can even embellish bathroom bins: When made of high-quality Macassar wood and shiny stainless steel or matt brushed metal with black glass, they are transformed into luxury bathroom accessories. If pedal bins are more your thing, choose a high-quality model with a soft-close function.
  • Designer accessories are now available in all product categories – even shower squeegees. Stripped back to its basic shape, the tool looks elegant with a silicone jacket in matt white or matt black. Integrated into a laser-engraved stainless steel soap dish and held in place using several concealed magnets, it is even capable of winning awards.

The nice-to-haves for extra comfort

Elegant storage containers on an elegant marble wash basin unit
The porcelain storage containers ensure everything is tidy on the white marble.

Many accessories are a luxury rather than an absolute must. But they can make life easier – and add the finishing touches to your interior design:

  • Elegant storage containers made of glass, porcelain or natural stone elegantly ensure tidiness on and next to the wash basin unit.
  • Luxurious vanity mirrors made of marble and brass or with two-tone touch control LED lighting even make shaving a daily indulgence.
  • A towel ladder with built-in shelves can store creams, shampoo and other cosmetics all at once. 
  • Shelves in the shower are highly practical. If you opt for minimalist wall alcoves, they also become a design element.
  • Laundry containers simply make sense. Made of the finest cowhide or solid wood with a soft-close system, they become eye-catching accessories.
  • Modern bathroom electronics are not necessary, but difficult to live without when you’re used to them. The hairdryer is stylish and features smart ionic temperature control. The matt black high-end toothbrush uses ultrasound. The designer razor charges on a wireless charging pad next to your smartphone.

Elegant accessories you should invest in

The functional wet cell is a thing of the past. Today, the bathroom is an extra living room. So in addition to the furnishings, it is important that the room features items that live up to your style and comfort standards. Choice accessories are a luxury you don’t want to do without.

Frequently asked questions about luxury accessories for the bathroom

Are they functional?

High-quality furnishings combine aesthetics with resistance to moisture, corrosion and mould.

Are there different luxury towel racks out there?

You can get towel racks in the form of hooks, rails, stands or ladders in luxurious designs.

Which materials are suitable for bathroom furnishings?

All kinds of metal in all finishes: powder-coated brass in matt black or matt white, shiny chrome, polished or matt-brushed stainless steel.

Are glass and wood a good match?

Elegant woods or colourful glass combined with metal make for very high-quality bathroom accessories.

Which luxury bathroom electronics are out there?

You can get hairdryers with intelligent temperature control, ultrasound toothbrushes, electric razors with induction charging stations. To name just a few.
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