Ideas in black

The bathroom: Black ensures pure elegance

Dark green wall and wall elements
The emerald green glamour of the dark wall elements highlights the dark bathroom’s luxurious flair here.

Unique design: make your bathroom black

A little drama, a little elegance, and something special no matter what: When done right, a black bathroom is a real head-turner. Learn all you need to know about designing a black bathroom here.

Bring excitement to the bathroom and make a bold statement

Wash basin and tap in front of a light grey wall
Sometimes it doesn’t take much: The tap from the hansgrohe FinishPlus range is the centre of attention here, with its effects left to fully unfurl.

Technically speaking, black isn’t even a colour. On the contrary: it is the absence of light and, unlike white and other colours, it can exist without light. Maybe this fact is part of the reason why the colour is so mystical. Depending on how we use it, the colour can exude elegance, a hint of exclusivity and temptation.

We are all familiar with the ‘little black dress’. It represents pure seduction in the fashion world. But its highly aesthetic look also creates a certain amount of distance. Be aware of this effect when you use the dark colour. When used skilfully, it can highlight your sense of style and your design-oriented furnishings.

How to design your bathroom in black

First, decide whether you prefer a minimalist design with most surfaces in black. The colour will then be the definite focal point and shape the character of the room. One tiny drawback: Limescale deposits are easier to see in very dark bathrooms. But choosing the right cleaning product will ensure this problem is quickly forgotten.

You can emphasise intense design using appropriate materials:

  • Glass: A glass shower partition will add lightness 
  • Marble: Wash basins or marble flooring enhance the elegance of the dark colour
  • Wood: Linear shelves or base cabinets made of solid wood break up the smooth look of black walls and floors

Depending on how you have furnished the rest of your home, you could also create fluid transitions to the other rooms through the choice of materials. 

Shower in front of a dark grey background
These colours make the perfect match. The result: a minimalist room with a very aesthetic look.

A masterful mix of colour: Try it with grey and white

If an entire bathroom in black is too much for you, you could match the colour with white, for example, or softer natural beige tones. Give your bathroom a light and friendly design and create an exciting contrast with a wall painted in black. 

You can enhance a luxurious marble look with matt taps. 
The contrast between grey and black is somewhat softer. This mix has a highly harmonious effect with gold or bronze accents, for example in the taps or decorative elements. 

Let there be light and add atmosphere

The more you use black in your design, the more you need to think about a sophisticated lighting concept. Large windows that let in bright daylight are practical. And warm ceiling lights plus additional spotlights will ensure you have light precisely where you need it.

The light shouldn’t be too cold because it will give the dark design an artificial and unappealing touch. You can find more tips for your lighting concept in our article: Perfect bathroom lights: How to create the best lighting.

Frequently asked questions about black bathrooms

What is the effect of the colour black?

It is the darkest of the colours, so it therefore has a bold effect. It symbolises elegance, exclusive and confident style, temptation and a certain amount of distance.

Which colours can be paired with black?

For an elegant effect, pair it with white and grey shades. Black looks ultra-luxurious when combined with warm metallic colours such as gold and bronze.

Which materials can be paired with black?

If you want to emphasise the modern vibe, pair black with materials that are just as cool, such as glass and metal. Break up the smooth, dark surfaces with individual elements made of warm wood.

How important is the lighting concept in black bathrooms?

If the room features floor-to-ceiling glass or is part of a loft, daylight might be sufficient. In all other cases, a sophisticated mix of ceiling light(s) and spotlights will do the trick.

How do I use black as an accent?

In a bright bathroom, use black taps and showers or a black wall as an eye-catcher. It is important that the interior design doesn’t look too busy with too many details and mixtures of styles. As we’ve said here before, less is more!

The skilful use of black to make a statement

It is an absolute eye-catcher that gives people a taste of your style and design standards. If you pick this colour, you will create a room that is perfect for relaxation and indulgence in a special setting.
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