Room layouts for communal use

How to multiply your happiness with double wash basins and bathroom furnishings for couples

Couples who clean their teeth together by the wash basin in the morning know: It can be challenging. And when she can’t find her mascara and he has no room for his razor, arguments can quickly ensue. But it doesn’t have to be this way: A double wash basin or double bath tub are just two options for optimising the space, especially if you often use the bathroom together. This article gives you tips on how to make your bathroom twice as nice.

Two wash basins on a wooden unit
Twice as many wash basins, yet each one unique: Lined up in a row, they look harmonious together.

Use the room together morning, noon or night

White tiles with wooden unit and double basin
A spacious shower, the bath tub for two and a double wash basin: Couples will feel at home here.

Traditional bathrooms are designed to be used by one person at a time. This goes for the shower, the wash basin and the bath tub. But the reality is often different: Couples often need to leave the house at the same time in the mornings. So they want to be in the bathroom at the same time, too. 

When this is the case, each person should have their own area in the form of a practical double wash basin. Sensible idea, right? They can then decide where they each want to store their cosmetics and hygiene products. It’s also nice if each of them has their own shelf space for clothes. Then there can be no arguments about misplaced socks or jumpers. 

Double mirrors are another practical idea. You might opt for round mirrors that can be very elegantly positioned next to each other above a double wash basin. Rectangular mirrors that take up the whole width of the wash basin unit are also eye-catching. And these mean no more pushing and shoving when shaving or applying make-up.

Design your bathroom for two: A double wash basin is just one idea

Large mirror and double wash basin with marble tiles
The right way to start the day: With the large mirror and double wash basin, couples can freshen up at the same time.

If you get the opportunity to completely redesign your bathroom, we have a few handy tips you should consider at the planning stage:

  • Double wash basins: Opt for the convenient double model from the very beginning. Figure out who is going to use which basin so that you and your other half can store your own care products in your own space. This way, brushing your teeth in the morning becomes a nice ritual – no longer will it feel like pulling teeth. If this is not an option, one alternative would be one large communal wash basin.
  • Double the furnishings: Ensure there are places to hang hand towels on both sides of the wash basin unit. If needed, additional magnifying mirrors for shaving or applying make-up can be affixed on both sides of the unit. Agree on which things you both regularly need – especially if you use them at the same time. This will effectively prevent an argument over the hairdryer or bath towels.

  • Spacious double bathtub: If you like to round off your day with a bubble bath, simply enjoy a bath together. Whether as a corner bathtub or free-standing model, double bathtubs are available in many different designs and with high-quality furnishings. 
  • Spacious showers: When designing your shower, give yourself plenty of space. This way, you can both jump under the cool water in the mornings or enjoy a rainforest shower together in the evening. 

When deciding on the room layout, you should also think about various usage scenarios, including whether a separate toilet area would be worthwhile. This way, you could still do your grooming routine or have a soak in the bath in peace, even if someone else needs the toilet.

If you have plenty of space, you could also consider a spa area with a whirlpool or sauna. This is the perfect place to lounge around or relax on padded benches, especially if your partner is taking their time again.

No more fighting for the mirror

No matter the size, there is always enough room for two with the right layout. Create enough space for personal grooming with a double wash basin, while a spacious shower or double bath tub will provide plenty of opportunities for you to spend time together as a couple.

Frequently asked questions about room layouts for couples

How can I create a system when there’s two of us?

Think about which products or items you both need. Buy two of them if necessary. The washing area should be designed with two people’s needs in mind.

What can help to keep things tidy?

Having two sets of everything is sensible, as you each have your own area that way. This may come in the form of a shelf for storing cosmetics and care products. Your own space for clothes or towels is also practical.

How do I design the bathroom for a couple?

Almost all products come in a double model. Select a double wash basin and a double bath tub so that you can both use the room at the same time. You could also plan a large shower big enough for two.

Do you have any practical tips for the room layout?

The toilet should be planned separately from the very beginning, as this will make it easier to use the bathroom together. You should also consider sockets on both sides of your double wash basin.

How can couples make the most of the room?

If they have enough space, they could consider a spa area. Fitted with a whirlpool or sauna, couples can spend many happy hours together here.
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