Ideas for your unique spa bathroom

Spa-like setting: Enjoy R&R in your bathroom

A bathroom fulfils many functions – but it can do so much more. With the right design elements, it becomes a retreat where you can summon strength. This article contains stunning design and furnishing ideas for you!

Seating element to while away the time in the spa bathroom.
A cosy seating element is a great place to chill out for a while. 

Spa-inspired furnishing ideas for the bathroom

Flooring with a natural look and a white bath tub
Wood flooring, plants and elements made of natural materials ensure an incredibly cosy ambiance.

If you want to revamp your bathroom and turn it into a wellness oasis, you will need to coordinate the accessories, colours and furniture. Here are a few ideas: 

  • A nature-inspired colour scheme: Nature helps us to de-stress and find peace. So we recommend using earthy colours such as ochre, sea green, beige, umber, chalk and vermilion. These hues create warmth, emit power and look elegant. They can be paired with distinctive solid-wood furniture and certain plants that thrive in wet rooms, such as Devil’s ivy for bathrooms with little natural light and Tillandsia and Monstera in rooms bathed in daylight.
  • Luxurious furnishings: The focal points are the large bathtub, a whirlpool, the lavish rain shower and electronic bidet. The stylish furnishings then add to the spa vibe.
  • Systematic tidiness: Provide enough storage space to house cosmetics, hygiene products, accessories and other items. Baskets and boxes made of fabric or felt look ultra-decorative and natural here. Want more inspiration? Find it in our article on bathroom tidiness tips from expert Marie Kondo.

The health cure: an experience for all five senses in the spa bathroom

You’ve done the groundwork for a spa-like bathroom with high-quality furniture, a subtle colour scheme and beautiful furnishings. Now it’s time to create an ambiance for moments of rest and relaxation through the use of personal elements – so that you can enjoy it with all five senses.

  • Sight: A large landscape or a small watercolour on the wall can make for a beautiful head-turner. Hung facing the bathtub, this kind of view is perfect for inspiring your daydreams. Warm lighting and (colourful) spotlights that allow you to customise the lighting effects are perfect for creating a pleasant, sensual atmosphere.
  • Hearing: During the design phase, think about the technical prerequisites for fine-sounding evenings. Install Bluetooth speakers or a smart virtual assistant in an inconspicuous place so that you can relax to gentle instrumental music or the sounds of nature played via a loudspeaker.
  • Smell: Our sense of smell is the most immediate sensation. Scents stir memories and emotions and have a direct impact on our mood. Aromatherapy with an aroma diffuser and essential oils can reduce stress and boost our sense of well-being. Tip: Add a small bunch of dried fragrant herbs to the hot water to enjoy the calming or stimulating effects.
  • Touch: Fluffy rugs are great at creating a nice, soft feeling underfoot in your home’s feel-good oasis. Accessories such as soap dishes or taps should also feel nice to touch. This can be achieved through high-quality materials with exquisite craftsmanship, such as cool stone, matt metal or ceramics. You can also pamper yourself with massage shower heads, body scrubs and loofahs for a nice tactile experience.
  • Taste: Be kind to yourself. Place snacks and drinks on a side table. Open a good book, play your favourite music and create a wonderful memory with the perfect taste on your lips.

Frequently asked questions about spa bathrooms

Which colours work well in a spa-like bathroom?

Natural colours in earthy shades have a calming effect. Think ochre, sea green, beige, umber, chalk and vermilion.

How do I furnish a spa bathroom?

Ask yourself: “Which furnishings will satisfy my personal needs?” If you like soaking in the bath tub, it may be a whirlpool. If prefer the shower, a rain shower is an obvious must-have.

How important is tidiness in a spa-like bathroom?

Very! First of all, make sure you have enough places to tidy items away by using decorative baskets and boxes made of natural materials as storage space. Then find a specific place for each item. Systematic tidiness will make the room feel serene.

Which lighting can create a calming atmosphere?

While a bright, focused light is needed for body and facial care, you can by all means have dimmer lighting for relaxation. Use spotlights and dimmable lighting here.

How can I bring even more wellness into my bathroom?

You should appeal to all five senses: Use scented oils and relaxing music on low to unwind. Green plants have a calming effect and purify the air. Monstera and Tillandsia are very decorative and feel at home here.

Make room for relaxing moments

Use our suggestions to conjure up your very own spa area. Colours, materials, inspiring design ideas: Combine various elements to create your feel-good oasis that stimulates all the senses.

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