The top 10 plants for the bathroom

The best plants for your bathroom, from Monstera to sword fern

Green is the colour of nature and can help to create a relaxing atmosphere. If you choose the right green friend, it can really spark joy. But you need to take care of these beauties, especially where humidity and lighting conditions are concerned. If you are on the look-out for the right plant, then this is the article for you.

Bathroom in white with green friends.
Large plants can really catch the eye in bathrooms with understated designs.

Good for the air and easy on the eye: all types at a glance

Plants should feature in every bathroom. They can be beautifully displayed on a shelf, while they regulate the humidity in the room and purify the air as if by second nature. Large, impressive specimen are eye-catching and can be used to add an interesting touch. If you want them to thrive and therefore look good, they should be chosen based on the room in which they will live.

These plants are perfect for a well-lit bathroom

If the bathroom lets in lots of natural light, the following specimen are top choices for you:

  • Monstera deliciosa: This great windowleaf has impressively large leaves and peculiar aerial roots. If you give it enough space, it can grow very tall and become an amazing focal point.
  • Orchid: In warm, moist conditions, this beauty will feel like it’s in its native South America or Asia. 
  • Bromeliad: This plant type with its loud colours has been around for more than 65 million years. It always enchants people with its fireworks of red, orange and yellow. The best part: The bromeliad often showcases its vibrant flowers in the cold season, when others have gone into hibernation.
  • Tillandsia: This air plant absorbs vital moisture via its leaves, so it feels right at home in a humid room. It can be used as a marvellous floating decoration, as you don’t even need a pot for it. 
  • Sword fern: It really comes into its own in rooms with plenty of humidity. When choosing the location, you should bear in mind it doesn’t like it too dark nor too bright and it isn’t a fan of direct sunlight.

These plants can get by with little light

White bathroom with bamboo lampshades
Large plants combined with stone flooring and bamboo lampshades emphasise the natural vibe.

Even if you don’t have bright rooms in your house, you can still have wonderful plants at home. House plants that even look good in dark bathrooms don’t usually have impressive flowers. Their charm often lies in their glorious leaves, as evidenced by the following types:

  • Devil’s ivy: It purifies the air and looks good doing it. Devil’s ivy is easy to care for and can be placed in a hanging basket to save space. From this high position, the moisture-loving Devil’s ivy can climb around the room.
  • Philodendron: The heartleaf philodendron loves moisture and requires little to no sunlight. As such, it is even great in rooms with a north-facing window.
  • Zamioculcas: Also known as the Lucky Feather, it gets its name from the long shoots that quickly spring up. It is known for being indestructible and requires little care.
  • Peace lily: The Spathiphyllum originates from the tropical regions of South America. It therefore loves the humid air of the bathroom and rewards its owner with wonderfully large, cream-coloured flowers.
  • Calathea: The striped leaves of this tropical plant conjure an interesting contrast in modestly decorated rooms. It is also great at tolerating high humidity.

How to take care of your moisture-loving bathroom plants

Bedroom in white with open bathroom and green climbing plant
Climbing plants bring a wild and tropical vibe into the room. It acts as a visual partition in the room here. 

All the plant varieties we have named in this article love moist air, so the bathroom is the perfect place for them. But make sure you read the care instructions for your green friends: Some can be placed right next to a steamy bath tub, while others would rather get some fresh air by the window.

Here are our key care tips:

  • Don’t water them too often: Many of the aforementioned plants only need a moderate amount of water once a week. You should also be aware of their rest periods, when they require even less.
  • Be aware of mould in the soil: If the plant is watered too often and the air is too humid, mould may form.
  • Air the room: Hair spray, nail polish remover or the scent of perfume – many plants do not like strong smells, as they absorb them via their leaves. So it’s better to briefly air out the room after use.

Design your bathroom with splashes of green

Plants genuinely enrich light and dark rooms. They create a good indoor climate, purify the air and, if taken care of, they look great too. Choose your favourites based on personal taste.

Frequently asked questions about plants in the bathroom

Which plants are suitable for a well-lit bathroom?

Monstera deliciosa, orchids, bromeliads, Tillandsias and sword ferns are perfect here.

Which plants are suitable for a darker room?

Devil’s ivy, Philodendrons, Zamioculcas, peace lilies and Calatheas feel at home in darker rooms.

How can I use plants as décor?

Plants like Tillandsias can be arranged in vessels without soil. For other plant varieties, choose pots with decorative flair.

What is the role of bathroom plants?

Many green plants filter pollutants out of the air to purify it. They also regulate the humidity and ensure a pleasant indoor climate.

What do I have to bear in mind in terms of care?

Many bathroom plants rarely need to be watered because they take moisture out of the air. Make sure the soil is not overly moist to prevent mould from forming.
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