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Kitchen lighting: How to create unique effects

The wonderful pendant light above the cooking island provides amazing lighting so that you can keep an eye on everything. But when you turn to chop your vegetables, it casts a dark shadow directly over the chopping board. Now you can only see half as much as you just could. Does this sound familiar? If it does, you need a better lighting concept. This article provides valuable tips and ideas for your kitchen lighting. The aim: to make it just as functional as it is stylish.

Kitchen island with pendant lights
The two pendant lights above the worktop conjure the kind of light that makes you want to stay a while.

All you need to know about kitchen lighting basics

Black kitchen with direct and indirect lighting
The designer lights on the worktop and the indirect lighting underneath the cupboards create a warm and cosy ambiance.

Whether you have a kitchenette or open-plan kitchen, the cooking area is taking on an increasing number of roles. In the mornings, we drink our coffee here. In the evenings, this is where we prep a delicious dinner. And over the weekend, friends and family gather around the dining table. From bright, focused light for filleting fish, right through to warm, dim light for a games evening over a glass of wine, create the perfect lighting scenarios with our tips.

  • Basic lighting: A large ceiling lamp with a wide distribution will create nice lighting for day-to-day tasks.
  • Focused light: LED spotlights above the worktop or low-hanging pendant lights with a narrow distribution are useful for keeping an eye on everything when cooking and serving meals.
  • Accents for special moments: Create a special ambiance with the hazy light from a beautiful floor lamp next to the comfy armchair in the open-plan kitchen living room or with colourful spotlights recessed into the ceiling or kitchen cupboards.

Before you choose which kitchen lighting to go for, think about every possible scenario and the places where you and your guests hang out the most

During the planning phase, you should also be aware of where shadows might fall. This will help you to determine hotspots where separate lighting is needed. 

You should also be able to switch all light sources on and off separately. Even better if they are dimmable, as they can then be varied individually.

Ideas for getting kitchen light right

Kitchen in black and white with pendant lights
The black pendant lights blend in seamlessly with the room’s design.

Which mood and situation is suitable for which lighting? Here are a few ideas for your kitchen lighting.

The individual piece

A large designer ceiling lamp above the cooking island or extended dining table makes a clear statement. Choose from the large range of extraordinary shapes and materials: What about a ceiling lamp made of wire that lightly floats above the table like a cloud? Or large cubic lamps in exciting colours? Let your personal taste be your guide.

A functional system

Rail systems in matt black look modest and are the epitome of minimalism. The lights can be placed anywhere along the rail and moved to suit requirements. A very flexible and elegant solution for the cooking island in the centre of the room.

Smart LED technology

Modern under-cabinet lighting with LED technology can be affixed to wall cupboards or shelves. The invisible lights can emit focused light on the worktop as required. In the evenings, they can also provide warm, indirect light for a snug ambiance.

Pendant lights as exciting highlights

Choose one single pendant light with a long fabric cable that hangs low over the cooking island. Or maybe you’d prefer a multi-bulb ceiling light that beams beautiful lighting across the entire worktop? These pendant lights come in almost all colours, shapes and a wide range of materials.


Chandeliers still make a statement and are an integral part of exclusive interior design. They are available as classic models or with modern twists that blend in seamlessly with functional styles.

Create ambiance with the right kitchen lighting

Get light to precisely where it’s needed with a sophisticated lighting concept. The right kitchen-lighting concept will create a pleasant atmosphere no matter whether the design and proportions of the chosen lights go well together or create interesting contrasts.

Frequently asked questions about kitchen lighting

What do I need to be aware of when formulating a lighting concept?

Working, eating, relaxing: Each activity requires a different kind of kitchen lighting. When choosing the model, be mindful of where you are placing it and the shadows it could cast.

Which areas play a key role in my lighting concept?

Think about where you want to prepare food, dine or sit together. Areas that traditionally feature lighting include the worktop, kitchen island and dining table.

Which types of light are there?

You can choose between direct and indirect and warm and cold light. While cold, direct light is good for focusing on work, warm, indirect light creates a relaxed vibe.

How do I create a cosy lighting scenario?

Warm lights with a wide distribution exude cosiness. Low-hanging pendant lights over the cooking island and indirect lighting in or under cupboards are eye-catching.

What kinds of lights are there?

Pendant lights consist of one or more bulbs, and their height can be individually adjusted. There are also traditional ceiling lamps and practical rail systems. Indirect lighting using LED bulbs can be installed under cabinets, while chandeliers are great for creating an exclusive vibe.
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