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The kitchen worktop: Materials like glass and natural stone at a glance

The worktop is one of the greatest joys when designing new furnishings. As a base in your kitchen, it can be used to prepare and cook meals. On cooking islands in open-plan kitchens, it is also a place to meet and relax. As such, it needs to look good and work well with the interior design. In this article, we showcase various materials and their unique character.

Black worktop with tap in black
Dark surfaces give the worktop an elegant and modern touch.

The classic one: a worktop made of wood

By far the most popular material is wood: In a light shade, wood looks amazing in cosy, appealing Scandi-style kitchens. A darker, nutty colour produces an elegant and traditional effect. Some of the most popular varieties of wood include beech, oak, bamboo, walnut, teak and birch. 

The material is an all-rounder that blends in with almost every interior design style. In addition, wood is renewable, so you would be choosing a sustainable option here. It can be processed in many ways, and you decide which wood variety and which grain you like best. The surface finish can also be treated in different ways, e.g. by varnishing, staining or oiling. 

The thickness of the worktop also plays a role: Thick, solid slabs of wood attract attention and emphasise the main features of cooking islands. Narrow slabs are more low-key and blend in with the room's overall effect. 

The cool one: A worktop made of robust stone

Kitchen worktop in marble
Marble or granite, all it takes is interesting textures on the surface to give the worktop a unique look.

The natural-stone worktop is almost indestructible and exudes timeless charm. This material embodies the passing of time, as it has been created over millions of years. This strengthens the very powerful and earthy character of natural stone in living rooms. Give yourself plenty of time when choosing the right stone, as each slab features a different texture and colour gradient. 

Choose the one-of-a-kind piece that best suits you and your style. And then you’ll have a worktop for life, as it is cut- and scratch-resistant and extremely durable with the right care.  

 Some of the most popular natural stones include:

  • Marble: White marble is very rare. When used in interior design, it therefore has an elegant effect and is indicative of sophistication.
  • Granite: This material is the exclusive yet modest alternative to marble. The grey surface finish is subtly patterned and extremely robust.
  • Slate: With this natural stone, the colours range from black to grey and charcoal right through to yellow, red and purple.
  • Quartz: Quartzite is one of the toughest materials around, making it perfect for a worktop. The stone has a consistent texture, which helps the surface to exude a sense of serenity.

The fancy one: a kitchen worktop made of glass and ceramics

Glass is a very versatile material. This may surprise you at first, as ‘breakable’ is the property most often associated with it. However, tempered safety glass is used for these models, making them extremely shock- and scratch-resistant. Worktops made of glass are available in colourful, matt or shiny designs. Silk screening can also be used to print patterns on the glass. Its pore-free surface finish is easy to clean and gives the worktop a modern and elegant look.

One of the latest trends is ceramic models, which impress users with the one-of-a-kind feel of their surface finish. The firing process makes this material extremely resistant to heat, so you can transfer hot saucepans straight from the hob to the worktop. The other benefits of ceramics include their many designs, from traditional matt right through to shiny metallic.

Frequently asked questions about suitable materials for worktops

What do I need to be aware of when choosing the worktop?

The material, surface finish and colour should fit in with the room’s overall design. Alternatively, you could use it to contrast with the rest of the room.

What effect does wood have as a worktop in the kitchen?

Wood is a natural resource with a down-to-earth and rustic effect. The grain and variety of wood determine whether the surface finish adds an elegant or appealing touch.

What effect does stone have as a worktop?

It is as indestructible and timeless as the material itself. Natural stone is available in many colours and textures. Each slab is unique.

Which designs do glass models come in?

In modern, design-oriented open-plan kitchen living rooms, glass surfaces can become the focal point in the kitchen area. The material can come in different colours and prints, which gives the surface finish extraordinary flair.

What makes worktops made of ceramics stand out?

The firing process creates spectacular heat-resistant surface finishes, from matt to high-gloss right through to shiny metallic.
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