The trends to expect in 2024

Bathroom trends for 2024: Rethinking the room

Are you already thinking about your 2023 design projects? And have you got your sights set on the bathroom? Then you might want to learn about the current bathroom trends and new ideas for materials and designs. We can tell you this much: It’s about to get cosy in here!

Minimalist design with soothing lighting.
Smart tools can be used to conjure unique lighting to suit personal needs.

Design trends: you will have bright prospects with these colours and materials

Light and natural bathroom design as a trend for 2023
Wood elements and accessories made of other natural materials create a cosy atmosphere here.
The feel-good oasis trend will go from strength to strength in the coming year. The bathroom is no longer a purely functional room. It has become a place with a welcoming ambiance: We can end the day here, listening to our favourite music while enjoying a hot shower or leafing through a magazine sat on an armchair while the children splash about in the tub. 

This year’s trends will also help to create this kind of cosy atmosphere:

  • Bold colours as a contrast: the tap in warm metallics or the vibrant wash basin are eye-catching pieces in nature-inspired, sleek Scandi-style bathrooms. 
  • Matt black for those who like to be on trend: black ceramics, taps and furniture are joining traditional and practical white ceramics to add touches of elegance to the room. You can also choose to play with monochrome contrasts.
  • Matt finishes: while glossy tiles and ceramics have a rather cosy effect, a matt finish adds a clear touch of sophistication. 
  • Seamless showers: decorative back walls in the shower or at the wash basin are an interesting alternative to conventional tiles that give the room a cosy feel. You can choose from numerous decorative panels in various colours and effects here. 
  • Mineral plaster: water-resistant lime and mineral plaster have a natural look and combine sustainability with functionality. Their sealed surface protects against moisture and mould, transforms your bathroom into a stylish and healthy oasis plus brings a little nature into your home.
  • Beautiful wallpaper: wallpaper with spectacular panoramas, playful floral motifs or minimalist graphics is still very much on trend.
  • New inspiration from nature: real wood and wood-effect surface finishes are finally making their way into this room. Water-repelling techniques and materials have made this possible. The renewable raw material can be purchased as tiles, wash basins or authentic wood flooring.
  • Large natural stone tiles: the large surfaces of the wall and flooring tiles, which can be up to three metres in length, create a sense of calm and exude elegance and taste without hogging the limelight.

Spotlight on sustainable design and smart technology

The bathroom trends for 2024 don’t just focus on design aspects, but also on multi-faceted topics like sustainability. This year, one of the most firmly established trends is for water-saving showers and taps – to an extent where these are now fully expected in modern bathrooms. The persistent developments in this area show that sustainability is not just a passing trend but an integral part of bathroom design.

Laughing child at a wash basin with a white bath duck.

Trend #1: saving water 

Save water with EcoSmart

Modern shower systems and taps equipped with water-saving technology use far less water than their traditional counterparts. As such, they actively help protect nature and the environment without sacrificing comfort or functionality. 

Our EcoSmart technologies are an ideal example in this regard. They make it possible to reduce water consumption by up to 60% compared to our conventional showers or taps. This is not only good for the environment, but also helps to reduce energy costs as less water needs to be heated.

Save energy with CoolStart

Taps with CoolStart technology are the perfect solution for effectively reducing energy costs in the bathroom. This intelligent technology makes it possible to save energy by only enabling warm water to flow when it’s actually needed. A practical and environmentally friendly trend that makes a noticeable difference both during everyday life and with your monthly bills.

Pre-calculate potential savings

If you’re wondering how you could save water in your bathroom, the water savings calculator can act as a useful guide. It enables you to easily calculate the savings you could make by using water-saving taps in your home. Replacing your old taps with these water-saving models isn’t just a valuable investment in your home, but also a step in the right direction to achieving a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Woman showers with the hansgrohe Pulsify Planet Edition hand shower.

Trend #2: eco-friendly bathroom design and recycling

In 2024, the focus on environmental factors in bathroom design, especially with regard to the choice of bathroom furniture and taps, is further intensifying. The use of sustainable materials for bathroom furniture and flooring, such as eco-friendly LVT, cork or wood, is a clear indication of ecological awareness and sustainable behaviour. More on the topic of flooring can be found in our magazine article on sustainable bathroom renovation.

The reuse of materials not only reduces waste but also resource consumption. This approach reflects many people’s desire to choose products that are both stylish and environmentally conscious.

The potential of recycled bathroom interiors

Our Planet Edition, made using recycled materials, is a prime example in this regard. The use of these materials in bathroom design marks a decisive step towards a sustainable cycle and helps to not only protect valuable resources but also to reduce environmental pollution.

The combination of interior design features and bathroom furniture made from recycled materials shows how design and sustainability can go hand in hand. The minimalist approach also plays a role here as the reduced, functional designs and focus on the essentials protect the environment whilst still offering stylish elegance. These products are not just environmentally friendly, they also make it possible to combine personal style elements with a strong environmental awareness.

Trend #3: smart bathrooms

In 2024, smart home technology will become even more prevalent in bathrooms. Among the key trends will be smart showers that can be controlled by a smart home app and a smartphone. These make it possible to set the showering time and temperature in advance, resulting in a more efficient use of water and energy.

The ability to restrict the showering time and precisely set the temperature makes it possible to permanently reduce water consumption and energy costs. For example, you can use a pre-programmed, shorter showering period to reduce your water consumption and precisely control the temperature to save energy by preventing unnecessary heating.

Smart showers also offer personalised showering experiences. You can create custom programmes for different family members to enable everyone to shower in line with their personal preferences. Practical customisation for greater convenience and lower consumption. 

Trend #4: visualisation and sustainability in the bathroom

How can innovative technologies make visualisation in the bathroom both trendy and sustainable and how can efficient planning help to avoid unnecessary purchases and material wastage?

The increasing integration of the latest technologies into interior design opens up new ways to answer these questions. Modern tools, which have become so user-friendly that anyone with a smartphone, tablet or laptop can use them in their home, offer innovative options for bathroom visualisation and planning.

Trendy dream bathrooms with the bathroom planner

The hansgrohe Inspirator tool is a prime example of this development. This tool enables you to create a 3D mock-up of your bathroom online by choosing from a range of styles, materials and tap designs.

The use of technology to create a precise and detailed visualisation is key when it comes to avoiding unnecessary purchases and material wastage. The opportunity to run through a range of design options enables you to make well-founded decisions that maximise both sustainability and visual appeal in your bathroom.

The ability to integrate sustainable options such as recycled materials and water-saving showers into the design and see their effects is a major step in the right direction to achieving a more environmentally conscious design.

The hansgrohe bathroom planner not only enables you to create your ideal bathroom but also to ensure that your decisions are both stylish and sustainable while simultaneously avoiding any unnecessary use of resources.

2024 is all about relaxing in a cosy and sustainable setting

The 2024 bathroom is more than just a functional room. It is a place of well-being, sustainability and technological innovation. The trends that are emerging for next year demonstrate how bathrooms can become genuine feel-good oases that are both environmentally conscious and stylish. Through the use of water-saving technologies, recycled materials and smart solutions, each and every one of us can become a trendsetter for sustainable living.

The combination of state-of-the-art technology and careful resource usage is fully on trend. Opting for durable products of premium quality not only fosters your own feeling of well-being but also makes a valuable contribution to environmental protection. The trends for 2024 show that bathrooms are developing into spaces where aesthetics, functionality and sustainability all come together harmoniously. Rooms that inspire, relax and create an awareness of the importance of a responsible lifestyle.

Frequently asked questions about the trends for 2024

How can I make my bathroom more sustainable?

To make your bathroom more sustainable, we recommend using water-saving showers, such as those with hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology, which can use up to 60% less water than conventional showers. Opting for bathroom furniture and flooring made from recycled materials also promotes an environmentally friendly design. A further effective measure is to install rimless toilets, which save water due to their enhanced cleaning efficiency. 

What is the benefit of using innovative planning tools like the hansgrohe bathroom planner?

The hansgrohe bathroom planner offers numerous benefits. It enables you to visualise your bathroom in 3D and run through various different design options to find the ideal combination of style and functionality. This not only helps you to avoid unnecessary purchases and material wastage but also to integrate sustainable or water-saving products from hansgrohe into your design. This makes it easier to plan your bathroom while also leading to more eco-friendly results.

Which colours are on trend?

All-black designs plus accents in bold colours or metallic shades are all popular right now. Matt surface finishes add an elegant touch.

Where is bathroom design headed?

The room is not purely functional – it should be seen as a place for relaxation and recovery. Which is why bathroom design trends are becoming cosier and more centred around people’s needs.

Which materials are popular right now?

Wooden furniture, flooring and walls, small tiles, such as mosaic tiles, in a variety of colours and shapes plus wallpaper with floral and graphic motifs are very popular.

Is ‘smart home’ now a thing in the bathroom, too?

‘Smart home’ is trendy right now. You can control your lights, music and heating via an app, even when enjoying a soak in the bath.

What role does sustainability play?

An increasing number of technical gadgets are being used in an effort to save energy. They include economical shower systems, LED lights and smart thermostats to control the heating. Sustainable trends include using wood as a renewable raw material.
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